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J.Morgan Releases His Single "James Brown Bad"

J.Morgan is a prolific rhyme slinger based in the Bay Area. This artist has been making noise throughout California and beyond with his work ethic and consistency. With talent at a high caliber, he’s equipped with vivid lyrics, quality production and exceptional rhyming skills. J.Morgan released his single titled “James Brown Bad”. “If you feeling yourself, let me see bad, James brown bad, James brown bad.”  The hook sings and what I got from listening to this fun record is that “James Brown Bad” is the perfect provocative hit for you to vibe to alongside a special someone. The sensual energy this song projects is a high reflective of J.Morgan’s suave persona. When the synthesizers and funky drum kicks sets in, the song emerges as a groovy hip-hop hit with elements of pop. With a feature from another vocalist who has that correct swag in her voice to emphasis the seductive lyrics, “James Brown Bad” is a record you can’t help but to become addicted too. I mean, I already found myself constantly repeating the hook over and over to myself even when I wasn’t even listening to the song. This is an indicator that J.Morgan's recent single has that special effect on its listeners where it becomes stuck to us like glue. The rap was my personal favorite component of the song. He delivered a consistent flow with bold and raunchy lyrics in a medium to long time measure with a tempo not too fast and not too slow, but just right. J. Morgan’s lyrics convey a musical diary of sorts; his records are fun, honest, personal and touch on matters close to the heart. J.Morgan matches these songs with cinematic videos that he executive produces, curating himself as a versatile and multifaceted creator. Here we have a brilliant lyricist who isn’t afraid to go above and beyond with his music to make sure his listeners is hooked as well as content with the enjoyable bops he releases such as “James Brown Bad”.

Listen to "James Brown Bad" on Spotify, and check out J.Morgan's interview below!

The Bay Area has sometimes been classified as the “Hyphy” area of hip-hop. How does growing up in this environment with that cultural reputation impact and influence your personal style of music?

I grew up during the hyphy era which was an awesome experience and ultimately it’s what made me realize that I wanted to contribute to the scene. I have been influenced by many great artists like Mac Dre, E40, Too Short and Lil B just to name a few. I think you can hear the Bay Area in my music.

Tell us a little bit about “James Brown Bad” how did the feature with Stife and Andrezia help enhance the record!?

James Brown Bad represents an attitude and lifestyle. When we get into our mode we’re JAMES BROWN BAD! Stife produced the track and came up with the hook and I immediately knew where I wanted to take it. We were blessed to connect with Andrezia because she really took the record to the next level with her style. 

When shooting the video, what was your initial vision for the song?

Answer: I wanted to take it back to the 1970s for the video to tie everything in with James Brown and that era of music. I knew I wanted to have a crazy wardrobe and a hippie vibe. I really love how everyone executed this so well for this video. 

When listening to your own music, do you ever find any areas in the song that you wish you would’ve improved on from your artistic viewpoint?

I always want to level up so yes. I listen to my own music and search for areas I could improve whether it be the vocal delivery, beat selection, lyrics or whatever. I always am trying to improve my sound. 

How do you manage to keep growing and evolving your sound as an artist?

I try to be open to new ideas that may not necessarily be mine. I love being around other artists who push me out of my comfort zone which is why I think James Brown Bad cane out so well. Stife and Andrezia challenged me to create something different and unique. 

What's next for you through 2019?

Answer: I’m dropping a new album this summer titled “Can I Live”. I am playing at the “Once Upon A Time in The LBC” music festival this July in Long Beach California. I have some other big shows in the works too! I’m just trying to level up in all aspects this year, continue to push myself out of my comfort zone and make new music! 


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