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J. Morgan Tells All In His Latest “Played Yourself”

J. Morgan is an emcee based in the Bay Area. He has been doing his thing around the California area musically and his work ethic and consistency is evident. J. Morgan uses his lyrics to convey a musical diary, showcasing fun, real, and personal matters that are very near and dear to his heart. Using his creativity not only in his lyricism but in his cinematic videos that are produced by him! In the past few years J. Morgan has been headlining his own shows and supporting various artists on tour like Andre Nikatina, Equipto, Karma Knows, and MayDay just to name a few. Today he is bringing us his most recent track “Played Yourself”!

Wow! Definitely something different and unexpected! This track is really catchy and even only after one run through. Fun and playful lyrics really show a side to this artist that most don’t. The instrumental is fun and the claps throughout the beat make it easy to dance to. The claps bring back a old school feeling I haven’t heard in so long and I am here for it! I also loved the visual for it. And to know that J. Morgan came up with this on his own makes it so much better! My favorite scene in the video had to be the blue light scene. That scene almost gives me modern day Godfather vibes with a Cali twist! As I listen in again and can’t help but to rap along to the chorus I would have to say job well done.

Listen to “Played Yourself” here and get to know more about J. Morgan below!

Welcome back to BuzzMusic! Any exciting updates you'd like to share with us?

Yes! I just dropped a new music video featuring Stinje called “Played Yourself”. I’m also getting ready to drop a new album on July 1st called “Can I Live”. 

Can you tell us about your new song "Played Yourself"?

It features Bern One Entertainment artist Stinje. It was produce by Stife and it’s a banger. It’s a fun, loose and energetic song.

What helped you find your lane in music?

Being myself and just having fun while creating music. 

How did you come up with the visual for “Played Yourself”?

The visual was actually done by Burgundy Suit, a production company.

What can we expect from you the rest of this year?

New album drops July 1st along with a new video. I’ll be dropping another album this fall with a bunch of new visuals!


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