J. Nav Releases Introspective New Song “A.l Machines”

J. Nav releases his single titled “A.l Machines” and he places his listener into an unforgettable mood of relaxation that you will appreciate due to the quality of peace you’re feeling. “It’s mind control, it’s mind control,” the verse says, hypnotizing you into this dream-like state that will allow you to enjoy the song to its full capacity. J. Nav reels his listener in with his soothing delivery but tough bars, giving us a balance of dimensions.

“A.l Machines” was an introspective single. While listening you can mentally self-reflect on your current thoughts and emotions. J. Nav gives you a deep insight into the usage of time. When he talks about updating our statuses and talking to the machines, we metaphorically grasped a concept of a much deeper context. What’s unique about “A.l Machines” is how we know it can serve as a reflection of what J. Nav is personally feeling. His music is an expression of what he can relate too or what he’s personally emoting.

J. Nav doesn’t consider himself a rapper, but an ordinary individual with extraordinary abilities to find expressions through music. This makes him a super authentic rapper as opposed to other artists in the music industry. You can strip away the artist and get to know J. Nav for who he is through the vulnerable songwriting and arrangement of his augmented and elemental music. J. Nav is a great addition to the hip hop culture, showing us the purity that can still be found underneath the tough exterior.

Listen to “A.l Machines” by J. Nav here.