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J.RoB Ensures That He Secures the Bag in His Most Recent Hit

Electrifying artist J.RoB drizzles his signature sauce on the genre of Hip-hop. Hailing from Grand Rapids, MI, he tells his story and message to his audience in hopes to inspire and motivate those alike.

J.RoB has a knack for building up a fortified report with his audience, as he takes you on a lyrical journey through his path of lived experiences. Turning up the heat in a cryptic soundscape of enticing Hip-hop vibrancy, J.RoB simmers in a braising medley of nostalgic hues with his most recent single, “Money Bags.”

The numinous mid-tempo instrumentation trickles through the speakers as it immerses your headspace in uncanny anticipation of creativity. J.RoB approaches this beat as a blank canvas in which he can manufacture a solidified ambiance that dips into unmatched lyrical dexterity.

The well-crafted song structure allows you to fixate on the depth in the verses, as well as get lost in the hypnotic appeal that the chorus entrances you with. As J.RoB takes his audience through the spectrum of his witty quips that pack a punch, he shines as a prime example of exuding a message behind the thought-provoking words that he places forth.

Dripping in confidence, his tonal distinction is one that will remain on your mind long after the song is over. With the attitude that he emits in, “Money Bags,” we suggest dimming the lights and reclining into your seat for the riveting fusion about to be embedded in your head.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, J.RoB! Congratulations on the release of, “Money Bags.” What is the message that you’re hoping your audience takes away from this single? What does this record mean to you as the artist?

Thanks! The message this time around is a simple one, and some might call it cliche, but it's to grab the bag especially in these times we are in. Also to go out and grab what you feel you deserve. This record means a lot to me, being produced by a soon-to-be-legendary producer V12 the Hitman. I've been wanting to work with V12 for years and to have that happen with this one was a win in my book. V12 has produced and engineered for some of your favorite rappers in the game, Nipsey, Jeezy, and Ross just to name a few.

Could you please share a glimpse of what the creative and recording process looked like when fashioning, “Money Bags”?

I and V12 met up in our home town of Grand Rapids MI, at a Clothing store called "Wasted Brand Clothing" a good mutual friend of ours owns. He played some beats and what is now "Money Bags" comes on and I instantly feel a Gotham City vibe and get to nodding my head. I told him this the one. I recorded the song at my favorite Studio "House of Trees." Took me 30 min to write the whole song. The beat just made me feel like one of the guys in the Jokers crew and put me in the mind frame of a burglar on a heist.

How does this single compare to the other bodies of work you have in your musical catalog?

Usually, my music is what they call "conscious" or inspirational and has more of a hip-hop-type vibe. This feels like something for the radio to me or more for the masses. Again working with V12 the Hitman is something that I never had a chance to do, and he brings industry quality. So it's industry-ready.

What can listeners expect to see and hear from you in 2021?

2021 we have big plans. I will be dropping music every quarter. I have a Live EP project with the band Bedrock the Foundation and another joint venture with an artist by the name of A1 that is entirely produced by my guy Troy Ceasar. Hitting a lot of cities as well, hopefully when this damn Covid goes away lol.



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