J.Rob Showcases Experimental Hip-Hop At Its Finest With “Black Super Hero”

Hailing from the second-largest city in Michigan J.Rob is a talented lyrical Emcee. Growing up listening to Nas, A Tribe called Quest, and Tupac he brings reality and substance to his music. Some acts J.Rob has opened up for over his 6-year career are Young Jeezy, T.I., Dave East, GZA, Royce Da 5'9, Currency, Jon Connor, LA the Darkman, and Rah Digga. J.Rob plans to soon to bust down the door to the hip-hop industry and become a household name. 

“Black Super Hero” Ft. A1 & Scratches By DJ Composition (produced by iLL One) offers up a classic rap anthem to bring hard workers and hip hop fans together in a big way. “Black Super Hero” is a huge track, featuring a melodic hook, a choir of vocals chanting this rhythm and concept to you in an inviting and immersive way. Already the live aspect appeals and holds intrigue. The chord progression and J.Rob’s own incredibly varied flow offer a sense of mild theatrics, keeping things colorful and entertaining at every step. Conceptually there are different ideas at work, but for the most part, you get an energetic aura of confidence, drive and motivation. For those looking for something different right now, to inspire and enthuse them, “Black Super Hero” could be the one.  

Check out “Black Super Hero” here and read more with J.Rob below! 

How long have you been making original music?

I have been making original music for about 7 years now.  

In what ways would you say your sound or style has evolved over time?

I would say my style has evolved only getting better and better with time. So as I keep making music and seeing new things it gets better. Kind of like fine wine lol.It's evolved into something that is real in my opinion.

What does the song “Black Super Hero” represent for you, and what do you hope people take away from it?

 "Black Super Hero" represents all the mothers, fathers, uncles, aunts, cousins, who ride for their people, and stand for something that is truly bigger than self. I hope what people take away from it, is to inspire, and stand for something, stand for your people. A Black super hero in our culture is our single moms, our single dads taking care of their children and taking care of business. Being real life super heroes. 

Is live performance an important part of what you do, or of your plans?

My live performance is one of the most important things to me. Giving that energy to the crowd and receiving it back is one of the best feelings in the world. It's like a drug that you want over and over again. I've been told that I have one of the best live performances especially when rocking with the band "Bedrock the Foundation" 

Who do you admire or look to for inspiration?

I still look up to the GREATS like Nas and Jay-Z. To see those two specifically do what they do still with music and in business is really inspiring. As far as my personal inspiration I would have to say its my fam, my kids, who keep me inspired.

How has 2019 been so far for you? What’s next?

2019 has been really good so far, I've been booked a lot and some have been for some heavy artist like Nas, shout out to Lady Ace Boogie for that. It honestly keeps getting better and better. My album "Peace of a King 2" will be released on all major streaming sites on Sept. 20th, and our release show is that day with Jon Connor of Aftermath. Its a good time for me and i'm continuing to work hard for the rest of the year.


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