J. Rosado Proves Lyrical Dominance In “Element” Ft. Sy Ari Da Kid

Born and raised in Los Angeles, J. Rosado is making waves from his hometown with his many years of expansive musical experience. Writing since the age of 8, J. Rosado recorded his first song when he was only 12 years old. Since then he’s been honing his craft from the ground up and has swiftly built himself a solid following and fanbase. J. Rosado now works with notable artists such as Juliann Alexander and major recording artists Kid Ink and Sy Ari Da Kid. J. Rasdao’s EP “Euphoria” recently dropped and features 5 original tracks. This project is available on all major streaming platforms! 

Featured on J. Rosado’s latest EP “Euphoria” is the hip-hop/pop crossover track “Element” ft. Sy Ari Da Kid. Skillfully balancing an insightful and revealing way with personal story-telling, alongside contemporary references and accessible vibes, “Element” introduces the artist as honest, thoughtful, and clearly on the level when it comes to modern music and the current sound of the mainstream hip hop, pop, and RnB worlds. “Element” ft. Sy Ari Da Kid keeps a steady bounce throughout, amidst a fairly spacious soundscape, and within this J. Rosado details his lifestyle. Sy Ari Da Kid’s verse adds that crucial element of true hip-hop and makes “Element” a true hit. 

Listen to “Element” ft. Sy Ari Da Kid here and read more with J. Rosado below! 

Hey J. Rosado, it’s such a pleasure to be featuring your music to our BuzzMusic community! How did you get originally started in the music industry? Was there a specific event/person in your life that made you get into music/ start recording your material?

I’ve been surrounded by music my entire life. My grandmother is one of the former lady of the Supremes, she helped inspire my passion. I’ve been writing songs since I was 12 and recorded my first song at 14. In high school, there were a few friends of mine that were recording as well. We all worked together on music and eventually put on our own show. 

We immediately found that "Element" captured an alluring melody with hypnotizing vocals! It's what caught, and ultimately kept our attention! What was the overall mood you wanted to set for listeners in this particular track?

Well, I feel like the music business is oversaturated with too many people sounding the same. I’ve always been in my own lane. When recording Element, I knew from the production I needed a catchy melody but more importantly to set the tone and to help visualize what you feel when listening. It’s uplifting, euphoric, and full of vibes. It will definitely put you in your element. 

How did the songwriting and recording process execute for "Element? Did you fall into any creative slumps while initially writing the track, or does the curation process flow naturally for you?

I never try to force anything when creating, I want it to all be authentic. I don’t write lyrics with a pen and paper anymore. I come up with a melody when first recording, to create a tone and mood. Once I have a melody I can vibe out to, I just let my creativity flow naturally.

Tell our readers more about your definitive aspirations as an artist! What would you say is the ultimate goal, artistic wise?

I am going to inspire the world. My talent and passion is all from God. He uses me to help communicate to people worldwide. I want my music to touch people and help inspire. You’ll get the real me every time with every song. 

Thanks for sharing your recent music here on BuzzMusic! A pleasure to have you here J. Rosado! Any parting words for the BuzzMusic readers?!

Thank you for the opportunity, I appreciate your time. My Ep “Euphoria” is out everywhere on all platforms and the video Track 3 “Billion” on YouTube. Track 4, Element, featuring Sy Ari Da Kid. Every song a different expression of euphoria. More music on the way, follow me on social media @realjrosado to stay updated on shows, new music and tours! Thank you!


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