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J-Saucy Lets It Out in, "Trejo's"

Joshua Yee Sale or, J-Saucy, is a Hip-Hop/Pop artist originally from San Francisco, but presently residing in Los Angeles. Drawing inspiration from Bay Area Hip-Hop, Electronic Pop, and Alternative Rock. J-Saucy’s versatility has allowed him the freedom to work with various musicians.

His Chinese and Mexican background has inspired him to bridge the rap community and inspire collaboration among different cultures. With J-Saucy’s main goal, he aims to break the boundaries of genre norms and create timeless melodies for all demographics.

As we indulge in the buttery essence of his latest single, “Trejo’s,” we’re immediately greeted with a melodic display of lyricism that captivates us into the record’s origin. Dabbling in the slow to the mid-tempo realm of Hip-hop, the pacifying tenors of the instrumentation are accompanied by colossal drum patterns that shake your sound system.

J-Saucy performs with certified ease, and unmatched swagger the effortlessly drips from the speakers as we listen to the witty quips he laces his bars with. Keeping his composure to deliver a message of betrayal in the song’s narrative, we closely hang onto lyrical motifs that drive home the track’s title such as ‘It was all a setup. It was all betrayal. Now you got me crazy. Feel like Danny Trejo's.’

It’s impossible to miss the overpowering confidence that comes hailing down from this piece as you bask in notes of understanding and relatability. Known to maneuver his lyrics so a knack for wordplay gets placed in the spotlight, J-Saucy’s confidence shines through each word performed. As we sit and take in the overall quintessence that “Trejo’s,” leaves us with, J-Saucy’s unapologetic persona lingers in our mind with a flood of memorability.

Congratulations on the release of “Trejo’s.” We love how this piece comes together for the perfect blend of smooth and punchy. What moment or story inspired the creation of this track?

The moment that inspired this song is quite dark. I do not wish this pain on anyone, but I knew I had to eventually face this moment in my life that was haunting me for a long time. In my past relationship, I was head over heels for a girl. A combination of young love, addiction, and entering adulthood lead to a nasty breakup. Later on, it was revealed to me she was pregnant, but she decided it was not the right time to have our child...I had to come to the reality that I was not mature enough to raise a child and did not know whether to hate my ex or myself more. This internal struggle ate me alive and this project was my way out of the darkness. Turning my secrets into a song is therapeutic and I can replace that moment now with a melody that makes people sing, dance, or simply not feel alone if they went through something similar.

How does a song like “Trejo’s” compare to the other music in your catalog? What does this song say about you as an artist?

Typically, I have a very aggressive delivery with high-pitched tones and adlibs. However, with "Trejo's," I wanted the tone, the beat, and the melody to be smooth and relaxing to contradict the dark lyrics and story. I also focused on the timeline of my story for my audience so they can experience my emotions from beginning to end of the relationship. The first verse describes the lust I felt during the relationship. The second verse exemplifies my sporadic behavior after the breakup. The last verse is meant to gas me up so I can overcome these negative thoughts that replay within my chorus. This is my first single where I feel like I communicated what I needed to say and never looked back.

Blending together genres and redefining the new wave of Hip-hop has certainly carved out a solidified name for yourself. What musical and non-musical influences do you allow to speak into your music?

My main musical influences are a mix of genres and artists. I grew up listening to Michael Jackson, Black Eyed Peas, and Green Day. Their diversity and internal struggle to rebel and be different fascinated me. As I became more accustomed to my environment in San Francisco I was influenced by E-40, Mac Dre, and D-Lo. Now that I am a more grounded artist, I can clearly see where my high pitch tones, emphasis on blending genres, and straight-up gangsta lyrics came from.

Non-musical influences would be my parents, sister, and my Yee-Yee (auntie in Chinese). My parents overcame some major problems being an interracial couple from traditional families in the '80s. But they paved the way for all their families to break the norm and chase happiness. They told me to pursue what I love, be passionate, be honest, and be focused. I carry these lessons and try to put their messages in my music.

What is the main message that you aim to send out to your audience through the music you create?

I want my music to be there for the people that are overlooked, forgotten, and mistreated. Be yourself, be proud to be yourself, and don't be afraid to dance, sing, and scream your heart out. Anyone who is told "NO" in life and rejected can listen to my music and can find self-value. That is the message.


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