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J-Smoov Releases “Who Else”

Out of Phoenix Arizona, J-Smoov is an up and coming hip-hop artist whose making moves and putting his city on the map! Being born and raised in the heart of Chicago has influenced his music with laid-back beats and all the contagious hooks to draw you in.

J-Smoov released his single titled “Who Else” and it begins with a cerebral unique introduction that sets the tone for the authentic song you’re bound to hear. The beat fuses together genres of pop, electronic, hip-hop, R&B, and rap. J-Smoov delivers a clean-slated verse with notable lyrics and a feel-good delivery. He sings in the hook showcasing a finely-calibrated style. J-Smoov creates art rather than music in our opinion. He embodies the meaning of music, an art-form and freedom of expression. He creates the image in a bold manner while staying true to who he is as an artist. “Who Else” is a song that can’t be compared to anything else you’ve heard. It’s a curation of different elements to deliver a vibe you won’t forget. He fabricates an idiosyncratic image to his artistry and it’s something you’re bound to become hooked on. In the works, is his debut album The J-Smoov Experiment bound to bring about a new twist on Hip Hop culture. Lend your ears, and experience all this powerhouse offers.

Check out "Who Else" by J-Smoov here. Read more in our interview with J-smoov below!

Hello and welcome to BuzzMusic! Can you introduce yourself to our readers? How did you begin your music career!?

My music career? Well, music was a great discovery in my life. It can do something to somebody that can only be compared to magic. What would this world even be without it. My father was a drummer, so naturally I was fascinated. All of my friends and family would tell you about me running around the house as a little kid, with my face painted to look like a member of the rock band “Kiss”, or they would tell you that I banged on any surface I could pretend was a drum. I don’t really remember those days. I was very young. Looking back on it now I feel I picked up that skill quickly and naturally. I believe any good drummer, and not just limited to “good drummer’s, but anyone who feels comfortable at a certain skill, would say that some things come more natural for some, than others. I believe “drumming” or rhythm, I should say, was one of those things for me. I know for sure the rhythm is within me.  I’m thankful for my family, my friends, the amazing artists, or whomever showed me or created the great music that has had great influence and inspiration for me over the years. For music alone, over the years. That’s what I’ve wanted to be remembered as for a long time now. I wanna be someone who contributes to that happening. I remember writing my own melodies and lyrics very young. I had a very fantasized dreamer, creative mind growing up. It was a terrible mix for getting good grades in school. Music was the only subject that spoke to me.

Tell us about “Who Else” and the the meaning behind the song?

The concept for “who else” is about what will be, or has already been told to all of us in one shape or form in our lives. You have to fall flat on your face, fail, or be humiliated once or twice or more at something, before you can really have success with it. You can’t fear this stage of let downs in your journey.  If you do, you miss the true meaning of those times or moments and  doubt sinks in. You have to keep moving forward with the conviction that failure is not an option. With due time, those who chose to be brave, will reflect back on those days when they have reached their height, and really understand how it all happened. Could you live with yourself if you never went for it? There are those that can’t and those that can. Which one are you? For me, the song is somewhat of an inner monologue manifesto. I would chose this path again and again, I just have to go for it and have faith as a believer, it’s  going to be worth it. 

How is this release different than songs you've released in the past?

This release in a lot of ways is my first serious attempt at creating a career for myself in music. People tell you to do what you love so you never have to work a day in your life. Well, I personally don’t think that’s true, but if all I had to do in my life everyday was wake up and donate 40 hrs a week to music then I could see that be a really enjoyable exciting time for me. I just want to get the world dancing and singing along. I want to know what that feels like. That’s what I’ve planned for. I hope more than one of these songs off the album will do that to someone. I want “who else” to ignite that. 

What inspired you to write “Who Else” ?

The creation of the record happened over a process. I found the beat probably almost a year or more ago and knew it was going to a track immediately. I remember the chorus and the first verse spilling right out of me. The concept of the song formed rather quickly. When that big of a chuck pours out of you, the chunk being the hook and first verse, you have to commit to following with correct or in the same concept material and finish the song. It was during a period in my life that went with the analogy of one step forward, two steps back. Yes, a little bit of good news, progression or good vibes, only to be followed by a double dose of let downs and short comings of sorry’s but try again. My frame of mind luckily, would just brake short from driving over the edge and await patiently to rise back up  for a valiant second attempt when the timing presented itself.

What’s next for you?

Too much. I understand why all these artists or celebrities have a “team” behind them. It takes skill in a lot of different subjects to have success with this and that doesn’t even include having any actual musical talent. But I’m having fun not just recording. It’s  a thrill learning all the avenues. The art, the communicating, the creating, the recording, the marketing. I’m going to release the ep in it’s entirety and follow that with a couple of music videos and try everything I can to get booked for more shows. My sets are authentic and I take a lot of  pride in that. I have a lot of ideas for live acts and were only in the infancy, essentially of my playing out phase. From there it’s going to be only a little time for a break before I’m back recording in the studio. The follow up project is already all written so much sooner than later. My best wishes is that you’ll find the time to discover my music and give it a listen, to decide if it’s something that’s for you or not. The catalog is a short list, but just the little bit of platform and following I’ve seen from the last couple of months, makes music worth a relentless pursuit of mine to continue.


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