J0VANNA Embraces Her Youth in, "TwentyOne"

South Florida-based Pop/R&B Singer-Songwriter J0VANNA, radiates the energetic and unapologetic essence of her artistry in her second single, “TwentyOne.”

Following her debut single ‘Brain on Fire,’ the J0VANNA written track is a collaborative effort with producer Terrence Rolle, and Grammy-nominated mastering engineer, Dave Kutch.

The witty, retro-pop anthem provides us with a universe of effervescence. J0VANNA charismatically performs over bass-forward instrumentation that carves out its rhythm with the tightly knit mechanical drum patterns pulsating through the production. There’s an immersive quintessence that hails from this masterpiece as you sway to the infectious grooves, and lose yourself in the musical foundation before you.

Written on her 21st birthday, the robust timbres that J0VANNA emits carry forth a melodically graceful tune as the lyrical motifs that are composed make this an anthem for all who aren’t quite ready to move onto the next chapter of their life. “TwentyOne,” is a pledge to herself as she vows to not let go of the inner child that resides within her. A narrative that we can all vouch for, there’s a playful innocence that comes from the days where our care-free lifestyles were the highlights that made us the smiling, young souls keen to take on the world.

Encouraging us to tap into that nostalgia through the buoyant sounds illuminating the speakers, J0VANNA manages to take the load off of us all while delivering a mesmerizing bop that’s sure to make its way to your favorite playlist.

Congratulations on the release of your most recent single, “TwentyOne.” We love how you managed to let a flood of memories come through our mind, all while we take in your striking talent. With this song being written on your 21st birthday, was the narrative you bring to life always in the plans of your next single after ‘Brain on Fire?’

Thanks so much! I am so excited about the release of “TwentyOne.” Honestly, I didn’t know at first whether to release TwentyOne right after ‘Brain On Fire’ because of the intensity of emotions in my single, "Brain on Fire." I bare my heart and soul in that song. "TwentyOne" is a completely different song. It’s upbeat and expresses a new set of emotions. Given that I turned 21 this year and the song describes how I am feeling about this milestone, I wanted to share it with everybody. I know that there are others who can relate to the struggles of growing up, the uncertainty of reaching a milestone in life, getting life together, and fearing getting older. These are all issues we go through at some point in our lives and not necessarily at 21. So, with "TwentyOne," I wanted to record this moment in time.

Do you find that South Florida has influenced your bubbly Pop sound? What can you say about the music scene there, and how your sound ties into it?

I don’t necessarily feel that living in South Florida had an influence. South Florida’s music scene is heavily influenced by either Latin Music or EDM. I would say that the sound was inspired by the artists I listen to on a daily basis. The Weeknd is an example. I love the dreamy & retro RnB-Pop vibe of ‘Save Your Tears’ and so I wanted to create something that had that feel. I also felt this type of music was making its comeback for the summer.

What are some of your favorite childhood memories that you found yourself not quite ready to move on from? It’s hard to say. I was fortunate to have a great childhood and so I have many childhood memories that I am not ready to move on from. When I was little, I was a 'wilderness explorer.' I loved adventuring out to my backyard and making mud pies, climbing trees, and playing with tadpoles near the lake behind my house. I didn’t have a care in the world. To look back now, knowing those days are over, makes me want to relive these experiences all over again.

As a performer and recording artist, is there a particular realm that speaks more into your craft than the other? What do you hope that your music says about you as an artist and individual?

To answer your first question, I would say songwriting. When I get into my element, I pour my emotions and experiences on paper. I don’t hold back. I hope my music conveys a sense of authenticity and honesty because that is who I am as a person.