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J3 The Rap Vigilante Is Pulling Out All The Stops In “Rap Vigilante”

J3 The Rap Vigilante was born in Virginia. Exposed to soulful music by his parents at a young age is what developed J3’s passion for music. At 4 years old, him and his family relocated to Atlanta and Rap and R&B was an introduction that has paved the way for him to this day. Rapping and recording since 10th grade, he is dedicated to make a difference band creating a new path for the Hip Hop world! J3 has a unique sound that is a style all his own. Using his conscious story with his ATL sounds and an East Coast flow, this rapper is forming a lane of his own in the music industry. Bringing to us his latest release “Rap Vigilante”.

This track goes HARD! We can hear some Jay-Z and Eminem influences in “Rap Vigilante”. Definitely a hardcore anthem for all the vigilantes out there. We love the instrumentals of this track; it gives a sense of strength. The lyricism shows great power in this rappers abilities. The visuals were done well too. Keeping J3 the focal of every scene while building a story within the video. In a world of trap music, artists can get lost in the wave but we appreciate how is taking his own course of action and creating his own wave. Bringing back some old school legendary sounds and bridging it with the new hip hop sounds of today.

Listen to “Rap Vigilante” here!

Hey what’s up! Could you please introduce yourself to our readers?

What's good I go by the name of J3 The Rap Vigilante and 'm from Atlanta Georgia!

What is the story behind your name?

The definition of vigilante is taking the law into your own hands.  Even though I'm not doing that I put rap in front of it because I am taking my music into my own hands and plus I just like the way it sounds.

When did you write “Rap Vigilante” and what do you hope others get out of it?

I wrote "Rap Vigilante"about 8 months ago and this was just a song to introduce my new identity and let people know that the Rap Vigilante is here.

What was the creation process like for "Rap Vigilante"? Did this song come naturally to you?

The creation process for Rap Vigilante was pretty natural for me. After I made the beat the hook came naturally and after I had the hook the verses came naturally.  The song was produced and written a 100% by me.

What can listeners expect from you in the near future?

The listeners can expect more visuals for my songs off my EP Nocturnal  and I'm working on a mixtape right now.


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