Jack Jaynes Gets Creative with New Song “Alone”

Jack Jaynes gives us something truly original with his new song “Alone.” He released the song as part of a 3 track EP project which is also called “Alone.” Jack grew up in Phoenix, Arizona where he discovered his passion for music at quite a young age. It was obvious that Jack stood out from his peers when he sang “Mambo Italiano” in front of his school at age 10. His individuality has not budged since, and it is expressed in “Alone.” The track is full of new sounds inspired by cultural sounds and styles of the past, fused into an 80’s synth-pop style song. “Alone” begins with a minute-long instrumental that includes a chill, techno backtrack as the melody is played on a cello. The musical diversity in the introduction makes “Alone” a song you will want to keep listening to! Lyrically, Jack Jaynes paints a picture that describes the anguish of past relationships. He repeats the words “all alone” throughout the song and peppers in discouraging feelings that result from the heartbreak that many will be able to relate to. There is a slight edge in some of the verses which shows that he puts real feeling into his vocals. The dramatic voice is nicely complemented by the strange musical sounds in the background. With such a unique sound, Jack Jaynes’ musical future looks like it will be constantly evolving.

Listen to "Alone" here.