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Jack Nooney Releases “Get Back in Line”

Jack Nooney is an authentic indie-pop and rock artist who also dabbles into some hip hop from time to time. Jack creates all of his music himself, except when he’s working with his music group called SewerSide. SewerSide is a group formed of talent artists who work together to produce original material while developing their skills in the process.

“Get Back in Line” is Jack’s latest release this year. He excellently showcases his talent in this track. Jack amiably sings “You stared me down with that look in your eyes, you could have taken me down by surprise, I walked across the room to come say hi, but then you waved to another guy. Oh no, it happened again, I fell short of what is real.” What I appreciate most about this song is that Jack keeps it 100% real and honest, which gives the listener a sense of comfort and gives them something to relate to, which most artists avoid. Even though in the song he is facing rejection, the beat is light and cheerful which makes it enjoyable for any occasion or mood you may be in. If Jack keeps it up, he may catch the eye of a big star, so stay updated with all of his new releases in the near future!

Listen to “Get Back in Line” here and get to know more about Jack Nooney below!

What made you first spark interest in singing/song writing?

When I first listened to Jon Bellion I got super into production, then a year down the road I was like why not wait for people to rap or song on my beats and just do it myself. Then when I heard other artists like blink-182 it got me more into writing and just kept building from there.

What are some artists that you admire that have the same interest in keeping their music authentic?

Jon Bellion is one of my biggest inspirations and that’s where a lot of my production sub contentiously comes from. But I always have to change who I listen to to try out new ideas. A lot of my songs are now inspired by Jeremy’s Zucker, I really like his simplistic writing and production.

Is there a hidden meaning behind “Get Back in Line”?

Get Back In Line was inspired by a song I saw on a website titled, “Take a Number and Get Back In Line. Then the guitar riff was something I came up with one night because I was listening to the Ballad of John and Yoko, which was a heavy inspiration for the song. So I would say no, there is no real hidden meaning behind the song.

Can you explain to us a little about your writing process? 

My writing process varies depending on where I start. Most of the time I will start with the piano or synth and build from there, structuring the beat. Then I will start the writing and recording of the vocals. But recently I have started with just a chord progression, then write the entire song and record a rough take of the verses and choruses. It all comes down to what I have an idea for and what direction I can take it in.

What inspires you to create the music that you make?

My inspiration comes from all around me but the soundscapes and drums that you hear are heavily based off Jon Bellion and The Beatles. I have been listening to those artists for years now so it really comes from them. I can also get inspired by a song and want to try to create something similar to that song. If I hear a lyric I will base a song off of that one line because it is so interesting. My inspiration is just something that happens and I feel like it is special to what I grew up listening to.

What can we expect next from you Jack?

Right now I am working on an album titled, “Thoughts Of A Dreamer” which will have 10 tracks including “Get Back In Line”. The album itself is based off of my influences and wanting to get my thoughts out into the world. The album is almost finished I just need to add some final touches and master the whole thing, so it will hopefully be out soon. Other than that I did some features for a rapper I met a while back, and those should also be coming out in the near future. The last thing I am working on is producing an album for a local band, which I am very much looking forward to.


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