JackEL Combines the Best of Sounds in Latest Single, "All Alone (I Need Another)"

EDM artist JackEL began his music life early on. Hailing from Edmonton, AB, JackEL released his very first single debut at the age of 16, and 10 years later listeners are still receiving his prolific mixes! Already gaining over 9 million streams on Spotify, JackEL has finally manifested the right kind of sound he wants to be remembered by. Although, not to confuse that with JackEL's ability to creatively work with other styles in order to bring about new and novel sounds. Ultimately, JackEL has proven that he's here to stay within the EDM community, and his recent release, "All Alone (I Need Another)" proves it. 

JackELs "All Alone (I Need Another)" hones in on his personal introspections and desires. The alternative/electronic song meshes together some pretty interesting genre stylings in order to manifest its overall imparted ambiance. "All Alone (I Need Another)" resembles a vocal similarity to that of Twenty One Pilots, and essentially sounds as if Twenty One Pilots suddenly integrated heavy electronic elements within their sound. The production is ultimately intriguing, needless to say. Another element to "All Alone (I Need Another)" that we felt compelled by was its robust energy, and the contrast that had with the vocalism presented in the track. Once that lively production was paired with the vocals, the song excelled in a completely different way. If you're seeking an eclectic alternative performance, "All Alone (I Need Another)" is our best suggestion.

Discover JackEL's "All Alone (I Need Another)" here

Hey JackEL! Welcome. How exciting that your single, "All Alone (I Need Another" debuted for listeners! What kind of atmosphere were you hoping to create with this particular track? Would you say that you received the response you were hoping for with the release of this track?! 

Hey Buzz Music + readers! Stoked my new single All Alone (I Need Another) is debuting with you guys, and the single is finally out!

This song took a couple of weeks to finalize, and I created it with my friend (co-producer of the record) in LA D.R.U. . It originally didn’t have vocals, but I’ve been experimenting with my voice lately and I’m happy with how it turned out. 

I think with this song, I was going for a sad boy summer / EDM banger vibe. A mix between a LIL PEEP song and an ILLENIUM song. I’m very happy with the feedback i’ve received from All Alone thus far, and it’s only just been released!

It goes without saying that "All Alone (I Need Another)" encompassed two genre stylings that really enhanced the eclecticism of the track. Would you say that you're more prone to sticking to the EDM scene that incorporates an alternative vocal sound?

I let the fans and listeners really decide what genre or sound they would consider is mine. When I’m creating my music I’m focusing on making a good song, a great musical song. Something my parents, grandparents could possibly listen to, as well as a 10 year and or teenager. I love the power of EDM, and mainly create that. I love to use my vocals, and sometimes sad vocals come out that are impactful and hold an emotion.

As an artist who has traveled far and wide to perform to listeners alike, what city would you say you feel innately connected to once performing? Are you able to describe your live performances to our readers, specifically touching on the general atmosphere within the venue?

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=HA-CKnav5wo - Sacramento, California was a really good show, I had a blast and met some new long term fans.

I always love performing in my home town of EDMonton, AB, Canada https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=oRk8zoXZCJE&t=293s so I had a blast spinning at the notorious venue Y Afterhours in Edmonton recently.

Another one while I was in EDMonton was at CHVRCH of John https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ee2od0KWcuQ&t=5s where they have loads of pro-DJ’s constantly blessing the decks.

I had a BLAST performing at EDC LV 2019 https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=iuYGDVpz9U8

AZ always treats me well https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nUX-fhYt4N0

Las Vegas my current home town shows me so much love I’m thankful for that https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=jQoCKuuE-Sw & https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1VQIi3EDlWg

Now that you're 10 years into the music game, are there any new components that you're planning on blending into your sound for future music, or do you feel that you've honed in on the right kind of sound you produce today?

YES YES YES, was just saying this last night. I feel as though now 10 years deep into this production life. I am now creating TRUE music that I love and want to be making. I can use my knowledge and experience to make sounds that are a very pure tone to what I need to be expressing. I’ve got my workflow really down so I can pump out an idea of a song in an hour or 2 and it sounds really nice.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

This year I currently have 5+ songs scheduled to drop within the next 3 months, after that, I’ll have more songs scheduled to drop. So make sure your following me on my social media and music stores under JackEL or @officialJackEL to catch the new music first! 

IDK how many gigs you're going to see but I’ll be doing online tours ;).

I love music, so be expecting some nice messages and new sounds from me this year.