Jackie Foster Makes Her Solo Debut With Summer Sizzle, “Great Escape”

Jackie Foster grew up with a rocker for a dad and jazz, musical theater lover for a mom. Their love for music helped blend the two worlds for Jackie extremely young. At the age of 6, Foster discovered her voice. Her musical preferences changed as she matured; from musical theater to NSYNC, Brittney Spears, to Destiny’s Child and to Paramore, but one thing always remained the same; she loved powerful, strong singers no matter the genre. As she developed her sound, Jackie finally proved she had “The Voice” on season 14 of NBC’s hit show. Now Jackie is officially making her way onto the music scene.  Since the release of her hit “Poison” with her previous band “Jackie Foster & Self Portraits”, fans got a taste of this powerful pop vocalist. 

Foster’s new feel-good solo alternative pop song “Great Escape” is out now and is an addictive new track. The powerful singer’s solo career is off to an incredible start with this empowering and motivational single. “Great Escape” is a metaphorically rich journey through Jackie’s emotions and feelings. Finally being able to break free from people telling her what to do and living life the way she wants to live it is so inspiring and we’re loving it. “Great Escape” is sure to be  summer hit! We love the passion and dedication behind every word that Jackie powerfully delivers and we’re staying on the lookout for her future musical endeavors, you should too!

Check out “Great Escape” here and read more with Jackie Foster in our interview below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic! We love your sound. Can you tell us more about your upbringing into music? How did you get started?

I felt like I got dealt the best cards when it came to my parent's musical taste! My dad has been a hard rocker since the beginning. My dad learned how to play the guitar at age 12 and he has never set it down since then. My mom, on the other hand, has such an appreciation for the classics. She loves musicals, and jazz, and Celine Dion. Right then and there I was exposed to the best kind of music. I started in theater around the age of 7 because I was running around the house singing "Phantom of The Opera" as loud as possible. From then on, I explored how far I could take my voice. I sang all styles of music, I really felt like I didn't want yo limit myself. I feel that by my parents exposing me to all styles, they provided me with the best chance to discover my own interests in music. 

How do you feed your passion for music everyday?

I am always listening to playlists on Spotify. I love the mood sections because it gives me a chance to discover and learn about artists I would have never been exposed to otherwise. The other playlists can become so saturated with music that doesn't speak to me, so when I discover a sound I love, I dive deep. In terms of my creative songwriting outlet, it comes and goes. The other day I wrote an awesome chorus in the shower and the second I got out, I forgot it. I was bummed but it also made me realize that I get inspired all day long, no matter the timing. Good music is good music and when I listen to a song that grooves or a hook that remains in the head for the rest of the day, it makes me think "I want a song that does that too". Every day I hum different ideas, I search for new sounds, and I play my favorite artist on repeat anytime I drive.

Your song “Great Escape” is amazing! We love the lyrical metaphors and melody. What inspired this song?

Great Escape is my cry out song. A lot of people ask me if I had any major success after "The Voice". I have two answers for that. I gained AMAZING fans all over the world and the show created a platform for my original music to be heard even louder than I had ever expected. But after the show, it was really dark. I had expectations that weren't being met so I felt like a failure. I felt trapped in a box of what others were saying about me, or why I was letting my opportunity slip. I put way to much pressure on myself. At the same time, my band was slowly drifting apart and I knew we would eventually split up. One day I realized that I couldn't live like that. I couldn't feel sad, I couldn't feel buried anymore. I wrote this song as a power anthem almost to myself or anyone that experiences doubt, to get rid and escape those thoughts. I am so proud of the way the song turned and the message it conveys.

What’s your favorite part of the song, lyrically or sonically?

my part of the song is the pre-chorus: "I've tasted gold, I know I want it, I need it so bad. Make me a drink, I'm gonna toast it and never look back". When those lyrics and melody came to me, it hit me. This is the whole point of the song. Right there is the message. I refuse to look back on what was done wrong or right, I can only look forward. I never re-wrote this section because it just felt right. I experienced fame while on "The Voice" and I know it's meant for me. 

What’s next for Jackie Foster, up and coming solo artist?

LOLLAPALOOZA BABY! Wow, I still can't believe I was chosen as an artist for this year's lollapalooza. What I am most excited about is I will be performing all new originals. These are songs that I LOVE and I think fans will love them too. I have an entire project ready to go that will start right after Chicago. My dream is to go on tour and get my music heard all around the US and overseas. I feel more myself these days, and I really feel that this year I discovered who I am as an artist and my purpose. I hope people follow me at @ItsJackieFoster and stay tuned because I can't wait for everyone to meet the real Jackie Foster.

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