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Jackson Dollinger and Scarlet Spencer Sing From the Heart in, "I'm Yours 2"

Taking the industry by storm, recording artist, producer, and singer-songwriter Jackson Dollinger teams up with Scarlet Spencer for their upbeat and passionate single, "I'm Yours 2."

The 13-year-old recording artist is also an actor and can be seen on the Disney Channel Original Series, "Sydney to the Max." In terms of his music career, Jackson Dollinger creates music that blurs the lines between genres like pop, trap, and r&b, with an undeniably modern feel. Striving to create music that connects with listeners on a deeper level, we've only seen the start of what Jackson Dollinger is capable of.

Recently releasing his passionate collaboration with Scarlet Spencer entitled "I'm Yours 2," Jackson Dollinger offers a sweet and uplifting performance while grooving to the energetic and feel-good beat. Scarlet Spencer offers a similar lively performance that adds a brilliant back and forth dynamic between the two young artists.

Diving into the single, "I'm Yours 2," the track opens with a bright and plucky electric guitar that quickly drops into a punchy trap beat. As Jackson Dollinger makes his airy and passionate vocal appearance, he instantly offers many similarities to the young heartbreaker Justin Bieber.

We adore the song's modern and engaging feel, as Jackson Dollinger and his accompanying sonics bring us into a dense and passionate atmosphere with nothing but excitement and optimism. As Scarlet Spencer jumps into her verse near the song's end, her beautiful vocals take listeners through her limitless passion for someone special while giving the song a needed female flair.

Don't miss out on the exciting experience of Jackson Dollinger's latest single, "I'm Yours 2," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Thank you for joining us at BuzzMusic Jackson Dollinger. We adore the exciting feel of your latest passionate single, "I'm Yours 2." What inspired you to write this upbeat love song?

One of the main reasons this song even exists is because my best friend Cassidey Fralin, who is always the first person to hear my new music, encouraged me to make an upbeat song. For about a month, I was stuck on a wave of only making melancholy songs. She told me, “Jackson, you should make a happy song for once. All your songs for the past month have been really sad.” I took her advice and made “I’m Yours 2.”

What drew you to the stylings of Spencer Scarlet to collaborate with on your single, "I'm Yours 2?" What was your experience like working together?

The “I’m Yours” music video was shot on Catalina Island. Originally, Scarlet and her mom were just going to stay for 1 night, and leave the next morning. Long story short, they ended up staying for 2 weeks. Scar and I got to spend every day together, and we ended up getting really close. We have been great friends ever since. About 10 months later, I made “I’m Yours 2,” originally titled “Love! Love! Love!” Working on “I’m Yours 2” with Scarlet was a very smooth process. I sent the song to Scarlet with open space for a 2nd verse, and she wanted to hop on it. Then, she wrote and recorded her verse with her vocal coach Agina Alavares. She sent her verse back and the song was done! When I first heard Scarlet’s verse, I thought it was perfect. I couldn’t imagine the song any other way. She added so much dynamic range to the song and I was more than happy with how the finished product came out.

Did you have any help when writing your passionate lyricism for "I'm Yours 2?" Or did you handle this process completely solo?

“I’m Yours 2” is produced 100% by me and all of my parts of the song are written and recorded by me. I had no help producing, writing, or recording it. In fact, I made the song in my home studio! Could you tell us more about what you want to represent and stand for as an artist?

What do you want your audience to think of when they hear your name?

My goal is to make music that is relatable and easy to connect with because that is the kind of music that I love. When people hear my name, I want them to think, “Oh, that 14-year-old artist that does it all himself? He’s fire!” I also want to use my platform for good. As some of you may know, I support many causes and I’m so grateful that I have the opportunity to reach a large group of people and try to make a small difference in the world.

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