Jackson Wagner Shares New Music With BuzzMusic!

Damn. Jackson Wagner knows how to provide pastoral and homey-sound that we all have a soft place in our musical palette for. Jackson is the type of young and bright artist surging with artistic talent that will never go unnoticed (especially not by us)! We have always loved the sound of Jackson, and the kind of elevated mood he can force upon you at any time, just with the very sound of his voice. With his debut album "Take The World" debuting this September 20th, we can't wait to hear more of that vigorous and simple sound from Jackson Wagner. Our heart melts instantly at the sound of Jackson's voice, and so we're more than excited to announce his recent release "One More Night", which we can guarantee will melt yours too. 

We're loving the more upbeat and positive elements integrated within Jackson's latest release "One More Night". His sound is rugged, rustic, and filled with surging positivity (that is undeniably addicting). His sound brings us back to a type of feeling that is reminiscent of that underlying folk sound. Jackson combines Folk, R&B and Pop to ensure his sound is sleek and perfected with all elements. The predominant use of rustic sounding instrumentals was a wise choice for this particular track, and Jackson really knew how to craft the overall programming of "One More Night". The bluesy sound he's able to integrate within his music, especially in "One More Night" is stunning and whimsical. We can't help but wanting more from Jackson Wagner, as his sound will never get old! 

Listen to the incredible Blues/Folk track "One More Night" by Jackson Wagner here!

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