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Jaclyn Holds A Middle Finger To The "American Dream"

Jaclyn is a phoenix rising from the ashes, and her previous singles have roared through listeners' speakers with themes of pain, and finding love within that pain. She's always used music to find the common theme between her and the world that surrounds her. And of course, love was the answer.

Jaclyn is constantly redefining what it means to be a rockstar; it's not about sex, drugs, and cash, but about change and rebellion. She praises the need for change in our current society with her latest single, "American Dream." It's a spunky, witty, and hard-hitting anthem that leaves us rethinking the definition of success.

Listening to the new single, Jaclyn sends a somber and soulful vocal melody through our speakers alongside a smooth piano. Before we know it, she throws us into a bouncy, well-rounded alternative rock instrumental while expressing lyrics like "The American dream? More like a panic attack."

She emphasizes the endless cycle of fulfilling someone else's needs, working ourselves into the graves, and making up for our parents' broken dreams. The song carries so much soul and realness; it's a bold middle finger to the society we've created that keeps us from truly living.

Overall, the spunky and rich instrumentals keep the groove alive while Jaclyn's warm vocals pounce through our speakers with a sense of urgency. It's a thrilling, cathartic, and relatable experience that anyone can appreciate.

When you're ready to rethink what the "American Dream" really is, take a listen to Jaclyn's fiery new single, now available on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Jaclyn. We love the ferocity and soul you've brought to your new single, "American Dream." What inspired you to create this brutally honest song about the modern American dream?

The song was written out of frustration. Coming to the conclusion that everything we were taught to believe was a lie. Go to college, get a job, work hard, do all these things and you will achieve “Happiness”. The idea of the American Dream is a flawed and dated concept. This is not the reality. Working hard only gets you so far. The odds are stacked against us. We are just pawns in a rich man’s game, and I don’t want to play.

What was your experience writing such a cathartic and anthemic song like "American Dream?" How long did it take you?

My fiancé was at a breaking point in his career, and I was watching his mental health decline. Working so hard and having nothing to show for it. Being who I am, I asked him to write what he was feeling. A couple of minutes later he sent me a short text reading “up at 4, out the door by 5, need to kill yourself just to stay alive”. When I read that I immediately heard the beginning of a song, and quickly started to write. We all work hard, but at what cost? We are constantly being divided in this country; to the point where it is now a competition…who is right, who is wrong? Who is good, who is evil? When in reality I believe we all want the same thing. We talk about equality a lot in this country but rarely talk about equity. Giving the people what we need to survive. It's not red verse blue, it's the 99 percent vs the 1 percent.

What sort of vibe or feel did you want the instrumentals to carry in "American Dream?" Did any producers or musicians help you out during this process?

I wanted "American Dream" to be the song you bump into your car to and from work. I want it to empower people and have them question if they are truly happy with their chosen path. Too often we get lost in the routine of life and forget to look inward. I wanted a heavy hip-hop drum, the kind of sound you can just bop your head to. I wanted to combine both pop sounds as well as elements of funk. When looking for a producer; I came across Alexander Almgren, Alex took the time to really digest the lyrics. He understood the assignment right from the start. When recording it he added elements that I couldn’t have come up with alone. It was awesome to collaborate with someone who was just as excited as I was about the song.

What do you hope listeners feel or realize when hearing "American Dream?" What impact do you want the song to leave?

I hope "American Dream" allows people the space to really dig deep and find their true purpose. We don’t all live in same America, there are people that have more privileges than others, and benefit more from the systems put in place. It is crucial to acknowledge this because it allows us to move forward and fill in the gaps of injustice. Our parents and the people that came before us had a blueprint of the “right” way to do things. It’s time for us to not just continue this cycle but to evolve and question the reality around us. The "American Dream" is dead, it's time we create our own future.

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