Jaclyn Manfredi Brings The Heat With Her Authentic Musical Style

After Jaclyn Manfredi performed at the acclaimed Apollo Theatre and Carnegie Hall in New York City at 17, she auditioned for The Voice and made it through to the second round. Clearly, her talent had not gone unnoticed. She then won the IMTA national singing talent competition in 2017, and released three songs that began to shape her sound in the way that authentic artists often journey towards in the process of discovering who they really are. With over 25,000 monthly listeners on Spotify, music fans are starting to take notice of Jaclyn’s rich tone, and soulful, jazzy melodies. Influenced by classic soul, r&b, Amy Winehouse, Alicia Keys, and the contemporary funk of Bruno Mars, Jaclyn is funneling all of her influences into something that at once sounds old and new. Upcoming performances are being planned for Fall of 2019 in New York City. 

“GPS” is a sultry and infectious tune and Jaclyn's debut release. With an explosive launch, this single is a swaying pop-jazz tune all about being uncertain which direction to take in life. It showcases Jaclyn Manfredi’s skill as a vocalist and lyricist. The next track titled “Parachute”is a unique song with undertones of blues and soul. Jaclyn fuses her authentic flare with a contemporary rock and jazz sound. We can’t get enough of her contagious vocals and high energy delivery. “Look Away” gives off a retro R&B vibes fused with Jacyln’s modern and refreshing vocals. Her overall energy and confidence will have you completely captured by this song. “Look Away” is all about not being able to escape the feelings you have for someone. It’s a groovy track that is undeniably relatable and will resonate with listeners through the lyricism and catchy melody.

“Stick Around” explodes through the speakers with an energetic and funky bassline. The rhythmic textures and musical arrangements are unlike anything we’ve heard before. It’s catchy, danceable and a hard-hitting anthem for anyone to enjoy. “Psychic” Jacyln’s latest release and we can’t get enough. Always keeping things fresh, relevant and authentic, “Psychic” is an edgy track that showcases Jaclyn’s versatility as an artist. The retro-pop composition is a welcome addition to my personal playlist! Her high energy attitude and confident swagger sets her apart in today’s industry. Mot alluring, Jaclyn Manfredi has an individual sound to her artistry. I highly recommend you check out her EP of singles and stay on the lookout for Jaclyn’s future musical endeavors! 

Listen to All 5 tracks on Spotify here and keep scrolling for more with Jaclyn Manfredi!

How did know that music was something you wanted to pursue?

I always knew I wanted to pursue music from a really early age. The moment that defined it for me was when I performed at the Apollo theatre. That moment I knew that I wanted to do this for the rest of my life.

Thank you for sharing your EP with us! "Psychic" really stood out to us. What inspired the lyrics in this track?

It all started with finding the melody with this one. When I found a melody that worked and caught my eye, I wrote the whole song around it. The lyrics came naturally actually, at that time me and my friends were obsessed with astrology and psychics etc. so it felt very full circle.

How does your music now, compare to when you first began writing? How have you developed as an artist?

I think I’ve experienced a lot more things from when I first started to write music. That has helped a ton since writing from experiences can pull the best material. I think I’m still developing as an artist everyday, but the best thing I can do is continue to stay true to my roots and what I love and naturally the my best self will come out.

What do you want your listeners to take away from your music?

I want someone to listen to the lyrics and relate or feel what I feel. That’s the biggest thing, is for them to know that someone else goes through the same things too.

What’s next for Jacyln Manfredi?

Performing!! More music and shows. Just to keep evolving and growing as an artist. 

Stay connected with Jaclyn & keep updated with latest releases and shows via her Instagram!