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Jaclyn Manfredi Draws You Into Her Vivacious Talents with "Better Match"

Not of our time, Jaclyn Manfredi is a rich blend of influences, old and new. Lyrical wisdom shines through her fusion of classic soul with a modern slant as she possesses the endearing qualities of all your favorite R&B superstars.

Sculpting a definite raw vulnerability that fluently oozes from the soul-infused timbres exuded in a Jaclyn Manfredi masterpiece, her most recent single “Better Match,” has us scuttling towards her inviting embrace. Vinyl static welcomes us into the warmth emitted by the acoustic guitar strums causing you to melt in the very place you stand.

Accompanying the infectious simplicity of the instrumentation with her buttery vocal performance, Jaclyn Manfredi promptly makes you feel her soothing timbres greater than you hear them. The opulent swing that washes over you in “Better Match,” carries out a rhythmic essence that escorts the intensification in your flourishing thoughts. You can’t help but gravitate towards the harmonious bliss radiated by Jaclyn Manfredi in this showcase of heartfelt emotion, with a hint of her unapologetic persona.

The brilliance that lies in the full arrangement of “Better Match,” is reminiscent of the crooning talents of the late Amy Winehouse as Jaclyn Manfredi simply takes our breath away as she has us submitting to her extensive skill set. With “Better Match,” being the perfect showcase of what Jaclyn Manfredi has to offer her swiftly emergent fan base, we’re intoxicated off of the sultry melodic hues that she continues to serve at the sonic table.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Jaclyn Manfredi! Congratulations on the release of “Better Match.” We love the style in which you perform this piece! Could you please take us into what sculpted your inspiration for a track so full of emotion?

Thank you, I appreciate that! The thing with “Better Match” is that I'm really honest with my lyrics. This is something I’ve been working on because I think that’s where the best writing comes from. This song is built around what I was going through at the time of writing it, which was heartbreak. I remember sitting down in my session and wanting to just talk about what was going on. I started to sing random words that weirdly all made sense together. In a way, I feel like the song wrote itself because I was pulling from such a real experience.

With such an elegant sound, you dabble into the perfect amount of edge. How would you describe your recording and writing style that has helped to enhance what we hear on your tracks?

I think my writing style has evolved from when I first started writing songs. As you grow up, you start to experience more. I think that plays a big role in how genuine the lyrics are. The more real I get, the more edge it has.

Could you please share a glimpse of what it was like bringing “Better Match” to life? Was there anyone assisting you in achieving the desired soundscape we know and love?

Back in 2019, I first started writing this song with Alex Houton. He started playing some old-time-sounding chords that I fell in love with, and I started singing over it. I remember pouring out everything I was feeling in the session that night. We finished the first verse and chorus, but then the song got lost in the mix once covid hit. A year later, I found the song in my notes and I wanted to write a second verse about how I am now. I think the second verse is the best part because it gives hope to the listeners. After that, I brought it to my producer, Nicholas Belvis, and he helped finish the story.

In terms of the messaging, you put into “Better Match,” what are you hoping that your listeners take away from this song?

This song is about heartbreak but realizing your self-worth at the same time. I think the biggest message I want people to take away from this song is that healing takes time. It hurts. It can be challenging but it’s a process. I want people to know that they’re not alone in it and that there’s hope in healing. That they’ll probably be better for it in the long run, too.

What's next for you, Jaclyn?

What's next for me is to keep creating more and more to share with everyone. I’m going to continue writing, releasing, and pushing my boundaries. I'm thankful for all of my followers/fans who've helped me get to where I am now and I'm excited to meet everybody I haven’t yet.

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