Jaclyn Manfredi Marks a New Beginning in, "Other Way"

Based in New York City, the soulful r&b artist and singer-songwriter Jaclyn Manfredi releases an incredibly meaningful and poignant single with "Other Way."

Ten years after her first live performance at the age of seven, Jaclyn Manfredi made her debut at the acclaimed Apollo Theater and Carnegie Hall in her hometown of NYC. Well-known for delivering modern twists and turns of classic soul, Jaclyn Manfredi is sprinting down the unique lane she's created without an end in sight.

Expanding on her recent release, "Other Way," listeners can hear Manfredi grooving away with her soulful and rhythmic vocals alongside the savory and upbeat soul/pop sonics. Elaborating further, Jaclyn Manfredi had this to say, "The message I want people to take away from this song is that it can be scary letting yourself fall for someone again, but in the end, it's always worth it no matter the outcome."

Hitting play on the single, "Other Way," the song opens with tender electric guitars and Jaclyn Manfredi's soothing vocal stylings. As the sonics begin to smoothen with light r&b hi-hats, Manfredi later delves into her captivating performance with help from lyrics that touch on falling for someone and not having it any other way.

Through this single, we can tell that Jaclyn Manfredi has experienced a heartbreak or two, as she carries a certain poise on her shoulders that's prepared her to mend those lingering emotions and fall headfirst. As the instrumentals pick up towards the outro, the song comes to a close, and we're left feeling as refreshed as ever.

Allow Jaclyn Manfredi's latest single, "Other Way," to push you into a brighter light full of love, happiness, and growth. Find "Other Way" on all digital streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Jaclyn Manfredi. We adore the uplifting vibe and feel you delivered within your recent single, "Other Way." What inspired you to write a single about letting yourself fall for someone new?

I’m so happy you guys liked the vibe of this one! It was definitely different for me to branch out in this way. It’s always been a struggle of mine to write about things that are happy and uplifting. Talking about heartbreak and such always came more naturally. With this song, I wanted to challenge myself and write about the good in falling for someone. Recently, I’ve been listening to more uplifting and fun music, so it's natural that this is what came out. I always try to pull from my own experiences, so I think that's another reason as to why this song was easier than I expected to write.

Why did you want to bring such a bright and enthusiastic sonic atmosphere to your latest single, "Other Way?" What sort of feelings did you want listeners to experience from the production?

I think this past year has been a rough one for all of us. I was tired of making music that had the same old message. I wanted to switch up the vibe. I realized that through my music, I want to make people feel good. I think it's important to get away from your troubles once in a while. I think that's a new goal of mine; to create “feel good” music.

Did you team up with any producers when formulating the sonics and production for "Other Way?" What was your creative process like behind the scenes?

Yes, definitely! I teamed up with a producer named Attia Franzen. He is based out of Sweden, so that alone was really cool. Being able to create from anywhere in the world amazes me. From our first session together, I told him upfront that I just wanted to make something fun. Every zoom session we had, we just kept adding more and more elements that created this enthusiastic atmosphere. I gave him my references from what I was currently listening to at the moment, and from there we created the song!

We've heard that you haven't released an EP since 2019. Are there any talks of an upcoming project in the works? Or do you plan to push a few more singles first?

Currently, I have been in sessions almost every day. I’m just trying to learn, and improve whenever I can. I can’t even count the number of songs I have in the works right now haha. I think I want to write continuously until I feel like I’ve created a good sound for myself. I would love to talk about a project, but for me, I think I’ll be releasing a couple more singles first.