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Jacob Giaimo Wants You To, "Take Care"

Jacob Giaimo, a well-versed, deeply honest singer-songwriter from Orlando, FL., is not new to the music scene. He started playing guitar and writing his songs at a young age. Now in West Hollywood, CA., he's been playing at venues all over the Los Angeles area.

Jacob Giaimo takes inspiration from his favorite bands and solo artists, including George Ezra, Bob Dylan, and Ed Sheeran, to name a few. Apart from his musical influences, Jacob's inspiration comes from his home and family. His insightful, guitar-driven songs will grab your attention and make you a fan at first listen.

Holding especially true in his latest single release, "Take Care," the poignant tune has us delving into relationships from the perspective of Jacob Giaimo. As his profound lyrics grace our ears, we hear how the stature of the relationships discussed in his lyrical motifs reflects ones with a deep connection.

Jacob Giaimo has us immediately hooked with an authoritative presence conveyed through the projection of a voice bellowing with tales to tell. His words resonate with your soul as his melodic escapes provide us with an enticing destination in our end sight. "Take Care" offers up the type of comfort you long to experience.

As the song's entirety gently caresses you with each listen, you're tempted just to place this record on repeat as you get a feeling of triumph by the time "Take Care" comes to an end. Driving home a narrative rich in the theme of growing incredibly close to someone and looking to feel comfortable and looked after with them, the relatability that comes from this touches us profoundly. A master at creating atmospheres of feeling, Jacob Giaimo keeps us wanting more.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Jacob Giaimo, and congratulations on the release of "Take Care." This song gives us a sense of ease that can't be matched. Was there a particular moment or story that inspired the creation?

Hi, thank you! I’m glad you enjoyed it. I’d say there wasn’t one single moment that inspired the creation of the song. But that it’s a song that was inspired by a collective of individual moments, throughout the course of my life, that catered to the message of being by someone’s side through good times and difficult ones.

How does it feel to have "Take Care" out to the public? Do you get a sense of closure with each release?

It feels really good! I knew when I wrote it that it was a special song for me and having it out to the public is special for many reasons. Primarily because I’m so thrilled for listeners to hear my sister Jessica’s voice for the first time. This song is a duet that wouldn’t have the same emotional pull if it wasn’t for her amazing performance.

Could you please shine a light on the creative process when bringing this song to life?

Of course! I began writing it in the same way that I write most of my music. I had the music part finished first and then I wrote the lyrics. Once I started on the lyrics, it was clear to me what the message of the song was going to be. Sometimes as a writer a song will come so quickly and naturally and this was one of those. Once finished, I contacted my younger sister to ask if she’d like to sing on the track and she agreed. I also contacted my close friend, Jake Biller, to play lead guitar on it and that brought the song to a new level.

What is the main message you hope your audience can take away from "Take Care?"

The message is to be there for your loved ones. It’s not always easy but the reward is so great.

What's next for you?

I’m currently working on a third studio album to be released by the end of this year. I hope everyone enjoys it.


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