Jacob Melton's Latest Album Takes Listeners on an Emotional Rollercoaster

Country artist Jacob Melton is here today to showcase his recent collection of smooth and eccentric country stylings. As a singer/songwriter from Nashville, TN, Jacob always found himself surrounded by musically-driven individuals, which influenced the maturation of his own passion for music. Fast forward and we arrive at the release of Jacob's self-titled album, featuring various themes that sprout introspection. Jacob begins his 6-track album with the track "90 Proof and Smooth", a song that really hones in on expectations, and the realities of innocence. Jacob Melton executes his tone in a well-matched way in this particular single, and he really focuses on providing an enriching and vocally-intense sound. "90 Proof and Smooth" sets the album up quite appropriately, and gives listeners a good sense of what artistic tendencies can be expected with Jacob Melton. 

"Anymore" holds the second spot on this self-titled album of Jacob Melton. Jacob takes the time to slow things down with the predominant rhythm of "b", although he strikes listeners with a more accelerated chorus. All in all, "Anymore" holds a more somber narrative, and so the production inevitably matches the heartbreak present within the song, leaving listeners feeling the extreme emotionality pouring off of Jacob. Once arriving past the halfway point of the track, "Anymore" takes on an intensified persona, filling the room with a surge of ferocity. Things pick back up once arriving at "Concrete Radio", where Jacob Melton incorporates a more rapid pace regarding instrumentals in order to give off the bustling and rhythmic effect. The energy left us absolutely buzzing, and we found "Concrete Radio" to be the perfect kind of mid-afternoon picker-upper. 

Jacob Melton continues his album venturing through his innate thoughts, and even a more so intimate recollection of thoughts with "Live This Lie". The song has that characterizable energy apparent to Jacob but also morphs into an almost stronger version of what we know of Jacob Melton to be. He appears more sunken in "Live This Lie", and easily blends into the necessary mindset needed for the narrative. One notable element to "Live This Lie" was how well the instrumentals match the dynamic structure the song captures, which was the same element that came across our senses with "Keepin' On". Together, the two songs have that natural flow and communicate the perspective of Jacob Melton in such a contextual way. The contrast between "Live This Lie" and "Keepin' On" stems primarily from the gradual soundscape release. "Keepin' On" comes off as softer and more innocent than "Live This Lie", but once compared, the two singles offer a thought-provoking environment. 

Nearing the end of Jacob Melton's self-titled album, we come to "How I'm Made". The single highlights positive empowerment, and really delves deeper into self-reflection. Listeners get involved in learning more about Jacob, and the very perspective he holds true to himself. The honesty and appeal in "How I'm Made" proved to be the right kind of way to end off his album, and Jacob really accentuated this track with the naturality presented all throughout it. 

Hey, Jacob Melton! We first want to start off by saying congratulations on the recent album release! With the release of this album, how did you feel you were going to be interpreted by your listeners? Was there a specific vision you had for the way you wanted your listeners to understand the overall theme of the album? Thanks so much. I felt that the listeners would see me as one of their own.  As someone, they could identify with and realize someone else goes thru all the emotions of life, just as they do. Not specifically. I just wanted them to enjoy the ride.

Out of the six tracks that featured on your album, which track do you feel reveals the most personable elements of yourself? Would you say any of the tracks focused on a deeply personal experience you've endured? 

All of the tracks have pieces, but I would say the most would be “How I’m Made”. To an extent, absolutely.

As an artist that found himself growing up in a musically-driven family, do you feel that you still find yourself immersed in musical tendencies similar to that of your family members? Would you say that the way you go about creating your music still follows a similar suit to the way you've learned from your family? 

Absolutely. Your experiences growing up definitely shape who you are as an adult. No, I did not follow a similar suit to my family because I was never really around while they were “Creating”. That has been a process I have developed on my own, learning what works for me.

Let's delve deeper into the meaning presented in "90 Proof and Cool". Once listening to the entirety of the song, the intrinsic theme of innocence becomes clear. For those who haven't yet listened, are you able to share the main expected takeaway of the track? 

The main theme would have to be that youth is not wasted on the young.  Is there really such a thing as 90 Proof AND Smooth??? Individually, we would probably all like to think so. But I really leave that up to the listener to decide.

We appreciate the time, Jacob Melton! We can't wait to see what releases will follow your album debut. Where do you see your pursuit taking off regarding the rest of your music and overall sound?

I see (and feel) is growing. As more people get exposed to the album, I keep seeing positive feedback. This gives me a sense of validation that I am being true to myself and who I am as an artist and makes me that much more driven in the process.  I cant wait to see what the future holds. Thank you so much for the opportunity!