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Jacob's Brother Alters Your Mindset in "Indecision"

Modern rocker Jacob’s Brother has a diverse set of musical inclinations that each member heeds in the process. Provocative and arresting lyrics, sweeping melodies, catchy hooks, vibe-filled grooves, and scandalous breakdowns.

Hailing from the mitten state, Jacob’s Brother is comprised of four blood brothers; Michael, Joshua, Jeremiah, and Jason Cooley, plus Joel Mathews.

The band was formed during the pandemic of 2020 when an executive of Sony/SM1 Entertainment was promoting a pro boxing bout and chanced upon the brother’s 2008 EP ‘Obscenery,’ under the name HERD in a dusty old CD player. Consequently, the band was reborn inside of a barn on an animal farm in Northern Michigan.

Redefining the essence of melodic Rock n Roll, an ominous soundscape is brought to the surface, complete with the fiery passion that is found from within Jacob’s Brother’s latest single, “Indecision.” The evocative vocal presentation croons with a sense of desire as we fully take in the captivating universe fueled by the rush of chugging guitar riffs and colossal drum hits.

A surge of the infectious rhythm that we feel leaves us inquisitive in regards to the cavernous realm that Jacob’s Brother performs from. There is a sense of enigmatic tenors as the mind-altering composition stirs your thoughts, leaving an evocative quintessence buried in the depth of “Indecision.” With a lyrical motif of “The weight on my shoulders is oh so heavy - I can feel my bones cracking,” you hear the songwriting nature that is intricate with the details placed into the lyrics formed. Hence, the vivacity has you feasting upon imagery broader than the scope of your imagination.

Jacob’s Brother has a way of taking melismatic pieces and adding the perfect amount of edginess to the entirety, leaving the masterpiece chalked full of amplified charisma. Showcasing their talents from a place of dedication, the grippingly raw skillset they encompass allows “Indecision” to be strikingly transcendent and cutting edge simultaneously.

Congratulations on your rebrand, and the release of “Indecision.” We love the theatrics that simmers in this composition as a whole. What is the inspiration behind the lyrics heard in “Indecision?"

Well, firstly, thank you. Very much appreciated. The song reflects the idea of processing decisions (or the lack thereof) and dealing with the resulting trauma. Most times we aim to have the listener find their own interpretation and we just sort of make hints. Other times they can be very personal. As far as inspiration for the lyrics-Jeremiah and Jason had gone through an eerily similar, very difficult time, and unfortunately, it was at the exact same time as well. Jeremiah felt that he wrote this for both of them.

As creators who have undergone a rebrand, what does this song mean to you as your debut as Jacob’s Brother?

Good question. Hopefully, the song exemplifies maturation. Putting away the old to let the new take its place. We have such diverse tastes that we will always flirt with different styles but as time passes more experience is gained. Maybe it’s more of a minimalist mindset, but overall we are always seeking better musicianship with each other.

Could you please take us into the creative process that brought “Indecision” to life? Did you find this process differed from the usual writing and recording style?

So, this is something that Jeremiah and Joel cooked up after an unordinary “trip” to Mackinac Island with our Associate Producer on Halloween. Those boys stayed on that island riding their tandem bike through all of the creepy sights after dark and came home inspired. The recording process was very much different than the way we have written and recorded songs prior. Before-We didn’t have the technology to write music spanning other states in real-time. We have our own studio now to hammer out preproduction and that really helps to control the chaos. Most of it anyway.

Do you find that being from Michigan has played into defining your sound at all?

We would be foolish to say that it hasn’t. In Michigan, you have to deal with Mother Nature. If you aren’t prepared-it will chew you up and spit you out or kill you. And then you have the most beautiful summers. So you go back and forth from being hardened and “weathered” to being thankful and hopeful. It seems like people are just made of different stuff in places where they don’t have to fight against the weather. All of this will affect your soul and the way you express it. On top of that, there are so many incredible musicians that have come out of the mitten. From Motown and hip hop to some of the best metal bands. We are inspired and influenced by untold amounts of Pure Michigan art.

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