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Jade Patteri Brings Awareness to the World's Current Social Climate in "Unity"

Jade Patteri is a triple threat in the entertainment industry. Acting, dancing, and singing take her to an elevated level as she effortlessly flaunts her talents.

Using her aptitude to make a positive impact on the world, her most recent music video for "Unity" is the title track to her previously released EP composed of original songs focusing on different societal issues that need attention.

Consisting of a glamorous cast, Jade Patteri uses "Unity" to reflect on all barriers of biases. Produced and Co-Directed by Robert Patteri, we're exposed to a scenic escapade that tours various places in Los Angeles, including Brickhouse Studios. Featuring the endowing spirit of Hip-hop artist Toweh, the two artistic virtuosos can be found in the evocative footage that ties together the musical and cinematic components as they bear to observe the symbolic messaging that they put forth.

With their characters transforming to children's moldable minds, the cinematic essence that drips from the "Unity" music video speaks volumes. Radiating an important message of the state of our social climate, Marcus Mitchell and Kayla Radomski can be found on the screen surrounded by diverse people with tape covering their mouths, emblematic of the fear of communicating to those who look different, love different, have different religions, countries of origin, or political ideologies.

As Jade Patteri's delicate yet prevailing vocalization progresses through the brilliant empowerment in place, we transition through scenes of gripping emotion being projected through the act of contemporary dance that sways from hostile to loving as we near completion. Touching on the music video's final moments, we are witness to a striking story presented before our eyes. As the screen returns to color, the dancers lay before us, removing the tape from their mouths, all joining together in a united fashion.

Jade Patteri and Toweh go above and beyond with the in-depth exploration that they take into their own hands as they convey an inclusive message that brings awareness. Delving into the profound quintessence of "Unity," Jade Patteri has taken our breath away with both a sonic and visual modernization of what harmony our across the globe should come to.

Congratulations on the release of the “Unity,” music video. This was such a substantial visual to digest. We adore the message and the way that you brought it across. With yourself as the co-director on the piece, did you always know this was the vision that you would be bringing forth?

First off thank you so much! And yes I had this vision for “Unity” about two years before actually bringing it to life. However, I’m thankful we waited because the cultural divisiveness taking place today I feel is more relevant now than ever. This song and the general concept of the video are about bringing people together in Unity despite their differences. The video features rapper Paul Toweh with Marcus Mitchell (Step it Up) and Kayla Radomski (So You Think You Can Dance) dancing with choreography by Fresh Redding and assistant specialty choreographer Outrage. Filming it was beyond humbling. The cast and crew were so talented and such a joy to work with and as many echoed, it was the best shoot that they had worked on. When people come together to create and spread an emotional mission like this, choosing unity in love, especially during a time like this, is so much bigger than us…it binds us together with faith and hope.

Could you please share a glimpse of what it looked like on set for the music video? How long did it take you to film it?

It was such a joy! Not only did I have the chance to co-direct with my dad I also had many close friends of mine helping out with the preparation and post-production process of “Unity.” The mutual passion everyone shared for this project was extremely overwhelming and the love that we have received on the video so far has been truly exciting and hopeful that our generation can one day learn to appreciate our difference of convictions and come together in unity. As far as how long it took as soon as we wrote the script The filming process only took about a day yet capturing the emotional nuances that appeared so poignantly in the song took more time to perfect.

What was it like working with everyone to bring the vision to life?

Everyone a part of the project contributed 150% which is evident in the final product. The dancers, videographers, PAs, special effects artists, colorists, and an extended visionary team we’re all a dream to work with.

If you could have fans remember one thing about you, what would it be?

That I genuinely am excited to make a difference. Whether that be for a crowd of people or one individual who truly feels touched by my lyrics. I wrote “Unity” and the rest of my EP specifically to touch on societal issues that I am extremely passionate about. And I look forward to continuing my music career in a way that will inspire hope and love.

What’s next for you?

So glad you asked! As an extension of the EP, I have a new remix to one of my songs “Invisible” that will be releasing soon on top of a six-song EP released by the end of the year called “All the love songs I never wrote.” I’m truly excited to share my new music with everyone as these new projects are vastly different from my current releases and show a different side of my artistry and musicality. For more updates, you can go to my website or follow me on all of my socials at @jadepatteri thanks for having me!


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