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Jade Stone Releases Dreamy Rock Single "In The Clouds"

Jade Stone is a musical powerhouse composed of a vocal/rhythm guitarist, a bassist, drummer and lead guitarist. These guys are split between Whittier, CA and Colima, Mexico. Jade Stone has a uniqueness not only in their location and story but also in their sound. They explore various musical sounds, like reggae, country/western, and soul, showing the diversity of the band. They draw sound influences from Jimi Hendrix, Black Sabbath and Coldplay just to name a few. “In the Clouds”, their latest single is sure to prove just how unique they are.

This dreamy rock single is one for the books! Jade Stone has managed to create an upbeat, dancefestopia of sounds in their latest “In the Clouds”. It comes in nice and easy and then 1-2-3-4 the drums and bass drop! This single has a very nice flow and every sound compliments the other. From the bass guitar, to the electric guitar, to the artistic vocals, and the drums; everyone in the band gets a spotlight! All is accounted for here in "In The Clouds". This single is one that no matter who you are, you find a love within it. Looking forward to what more this band has to bring in 2019!

Listen to "In The Clouds".

Hey there guys! Our readers are eager to meet you. Do you mind introducing yourselves?

Hello! The band members include Daniel Gomez on lead vocals and rhythm guitar, Adrian Fatout on lead guitar, Jorge Vuelvas on bass, and Fernando Carrillo on drums.

Tell us about how the band met.

This band has a very unique story. Daniel works at a coffee shop in Whittier, California. Jorge and Fernando are originally from Colima, Mexico, but were touring California with their ex project, “Rey Apache.” They decided to set camp in Whittier and live there for a couple years. It just happened to be that Jorge and Fernando would go to the same coffee shop that Daniel worked at. After a while, they became “regular” customers and Daniel sparked up conversation with them. They barely spoke any English, and Daniel spoke very little Spanish. However, this didn’t stop them from becoming good friends. It’s a similar story with Adrian. Jorge and Fernando were at a local music store when they randomly bumped into Adrian. Adrian asked if they wanted to play and they quickly bonded over music. Adrian was unaware that they really only spoke Spanish so he was talking to them in English at first. When Adrian heard them talking to each other in Spanish, that’s when he asked, “Hablas español?” It turned out Adrian was actually fluent in Spanish, and they quickly became good friends. Daniel and Adrian met through Jorge and Fernando when they were both asked to be part of a “Rey Apache” music video. Since then, it’s been history. We all became really close friends, who know how to rock. 

Your name, Jade Stone, that is so unique. What is the background story behind it?

As I was looking for a name for this new project, I was doing research on a lot of crazy weird things. I needed a name ASAP because I was leaving to Mexico to record my album in a couple weeks, and I wanted to make merch to take out there. While figuring out the project name, I came across different kinds of stones, reading about their “powers” and “energy”. Jade helps to promote creativity and helps you understand your dreams, which is something I feel I can really relate to. After reading about all of Jade’s meaning and property, I knew this was it. “Jade Stone” was born. -Daniel 

How do you manage the band from two different Countries?

Well it’s a bit difficult. Obviously, we aren’t playing multiple gigs a week, we just can’t. However, this is still a very new project so we’re still trying to figure everything out ourselves, but we’ve been making it work so far. This is only the beginning, so just look out for us.

What influenced this new single, “In the Clouds”?

I began writing “In the Clouds” in March 2018. It wasn’t originally supposed to be on the record since recording was scheduled to start in a few months. However, I knew it was a good song, and it just HAD to be on the record. I feel like everyone can relate to the song. I feel like everybody’s been in a position where they’re just like, “ I really wish I can get away right now”. The song talks about my frustrations with my current life situation, not that it’s bad, but I want to do more, I want to travel, I want to play music. Obviously this requires money, a lot of it, which I just don’t have because I’m only 20. That’s the frustrating part, but it’s all good, I’ll get there. -Daniel 

What can we look forward to from you guys this year?

This is going to be a big year for us. We just released our first single and we have 2 more singles we plan on dropping before the actual record. The album has 14 songs, and they’re all different. It’s a very diverse album, it’s different, it’s unique, and I can’t wait for the people to hear. We’re only getting started, so keep an eye out for us. 


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