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Jae Alexander Mesmerizes His Listeners With “H2O”

Jae Alexander the Maryland Native, and former Air Force Veteran, was a 2019 nominee for "Best RnB Artist" via Wammies DC & a nominee and recipient of the 2018 T.A.A "Male Vocalist of the Year". He has been featured on Fox 5 "Good Day DC", WPGC 95.5 "RnB Live", along with WKYS 93.9 "Angie Ange AM" Show & "KYS VS" competition.

Jae Alexander's voice will completely shake you to your core! Think of Michael Jackson, think of The Weeknd, now merge both vocalists. The product will be this sensational, and saturated vocalist Jae Alexander. He released his single titled “H2O” and we were abducted into this song and had no plans of escaping! Jae Alexander is a highly impressive, smooth-sailing vocalist who knows how to submerge his listener into the specific song aesthetic and creating a more enjoyable experience for the listener. Jae Alexander’s “H2O” was like a nice mixture of classic RnB with contemporary Pop and you just can’t help but love it! The hook had this addictive melody you found yourself singing over and over. It’s like one of those repetitive tunes in our heads we subconsciously sing. This caused me to listen to “H2O” a second time, instead of one singular listen. This was a good indicator to me that Jae Alexander knew how to generate a fan! I mean, it’s just one song with a prepossessing elemental factor in which caused us to be in awe of Jae Alexander vocal style and delivery! Can’t wait to hear what’s next from this rising young star!

Listen to "H2O" here and get to know more about Jae Alexander below!

Welcome to BuzzMusic Jae Alexander! Tell us about your Air force background! In what ways has the lessons from your experience in that field, carried on into your music journey?

I went into the Air Force after high school in 2011. I went on tour with Tops In Blue which was the expeditionary entertainment unit the Air Force had at the time. I was drafted on the tour as a vocalist after being awarded 2nd Bets Male Vocalist award in the Air Force for 2013. We traveled the world, hit every Air Force base far and wide to complete over 100 shows in a year, in 17 different countries. The Air Force itself and that tour got me back into my music and in 2015 I got out to come home to pursue it full-time. The military traits I was forced to adapt to has translated in my music, my business with music and my drive for music. Time management, promptness, professionalism, drive to finish things on time and so forth have truly been the best things I took away from my 4 years in.

Knowing you were nominated for countless awards so far, how do you plan on elevating your career to the next step!?

Right now I am focused on the presentation of my name, music and brand. I do believe the music is there and my current catalog is only the beginning of whats possible for me. Plan to move forward creating, continue learning, while all the while preparing to present these talents, projects and singles to the labels, management teams and investors. Its not about the money, but the money behind the music is what helps elevate it & thats what I am focused on now, securing the money to help push, promote, and overall take over the industry.

Let’s talk about this sensational song “H2O”. what was the meaning and inspiration behind it?

So the idea of H2O came about while I was at my old 9-5 actually. I had a lot on my mind at the time and I was thinking about a special someone. In the lobby of my old job there was glass ceilings and as I walked through it in the middle of the day, it began to pour down raining. Rain was so loud it literally drowned out everything else I could hear. We also had waterfalls in the lobby so, all I could hear was water. As I stopped for a second, I realized the water explained how I was feeling at the time. The rain came out of nowhere as it usually does in the DMV, & so does love. Its not something we can control, & as I thought deeper I realized I was drowning in thoughts of love & I couldn't get out. The lyrics started as a poem, but as the day progressed I began hearing the beat in my head. Had to leave work early & link up with MK to make it immediately. By 11PM that same day, the H2O rough draft was done.

How does “H2O” reflect your artistry?

H2O as it is musically is me. Deep, based, soft, rugged, tough but tender. Lyrically, as every song I write, has a message deeper than the whats on the surface. Thats Jae Alexander. More than what meets the eye, capable of doing more than expected, and always surprising.

Thank you for sharing with us Jae Alexander! What can we expect next from you?

I have been working on 2 projects, one small EP is already ready, but the world may not be ready for it yet so we decided to push H2O for the summer, and an album is definitely in the works coming end of year, beginning of 2020. Thank-you for having me.


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