Jae Alexander Provides a Versatile View Into Life During the Pandemic

American R&B singer, songwriter, and entertainer Jae Alexander is a native of Waldorf, MD, former Air Force active duty veteran, and current emerging superstar. The 27-year-old creative is fortifying his music catalog as he continues to curate and create a variety of projects and singles in order to extensively reach and expand on his fan base.

Through the trials and tribulations that the Covid-19 pandemic has caused rising artists everywhere, Jae Alexander took this chance to focus on his personal life separated from the music. Finding out that he was going to be a father in March 2020, Jae Alexander’s perspective shifted as he was accumulating a newfound set of responsibilities that came with his personal relationships and his family.

Persistently creating from an illuminated place of observation, Jae Alexander decided to procure the talents of industry-recognized MK Beatz in order to help him execute the buoyant production on his highly anticipated four-track EP, “Soon Come.” Dabbling into the emotions that are circling the world amidst the pandemic, Jae Alexander effortlessly runs the basis of how the whole world is feeling through these times.

Exuding a therapeutic charm that drowns listeners in a funk-driven atmosphere, the opening single and title track “Soon Come,” is a powerful display of the poignant timbres that Jae Alexander exudes in a charismatic way. Flaunting an extensive vocal range that chimes in with undeniable harmonies, you gracefully fall into the messaging he portrays on his melodic canvas. Discussing themes of how quickly things will return to the way they once were pre-pandemic, you feel a surge of enriching intentions lift you to the highest peak of Jae Alexander’s infectious optimism with each word expressed.

We love the manner in which Jae Alexander switches the tempo but keeps the liveliness bouncing in the second song on “Soon Come” titled ‘Sunday Tingz (Brunch).’ When we heard there was a song reflecting on the brunch scene that the DMV adores to great extents, we had to pick our jaw up and off the floor for this one. Immediately articulating a Reggae meets R&B vibe in the dynamism exuded on this track, we’re getting major Sean Kingston vibes provided in the enticing instrumentation. The blissful utopia that is structured through the mesmerizing hues expressed in this track is undeniable. Jae Alexander is buttery with his cadences as he spreads them throughout this simmering ambiance. It’s hard not to swing your hips to the beat as the way it pulses is purely in your favor.

There’s something about the witty and amicable way that Jae Alexander provides a lens to the pandemic subject matter without making it sound over-saturated. He adds his own appeal to the songs that transition them into a timeless masterpiece that you could see yourself listening to at any time. “What It Do,” has this remaining especially true as he delves into getting out of the house to having fun while you live your life. The lyrical motif of “you’ve been stuck inside the house for so long that you don’t know what to do” hones in on the authenticity emaciated as his sultry vocalization sends us spiraling out of control.

As we reach the final song and fully grasp the quintessence of Jae Alexander’s artistry, he hits us with the rhythmic spirit of “12-24.” This striking ballad contains the signature trademarks of a classic R&B melody that places the focus on the birth of his son. Opening up to the personal side of himself that drives his every move in life, we hear the vulnerability in this seamless blend of authenticity and talent. Lyrically placing us in a state of mind where we’re intrigued by every word coming to light, Jae Alexander proves to us that “Soon Come,” encompasses a piece of his journey for everyone to hear.

The entire body of work that is “Soon Come,” has us fascinated with your versatility! How long did it take you to create the full essence of this EP? Were there any songs that didn’t make the cut, or did you have the intention of placing each one on this project?

This project actually began as another project idea in early 2020. Of course with everything that was going on, there wasn’t enough safe space to finish the same so by the time I got back in the studio with MK we had come up with another idea for it, which became Soon Come. So there weren’t any songs that didn’t make the cut, the idea was for a spring/summer-ready EP that could make up the lost time of unreleased music. Soon Come was actually the last track recorded and its musical feeling just felt right. I love a good groove.

The remarkable production elements of “Soon Come” were handled by yourself and MK Beatz. What was it like working with one another and how did this collaboration come to be?

Working with MK is just amazing man, he is first one of my best friends before the music so it's simple collaborating in such a safe space. We understand each other and we understand each other musically; after that, the music takes care of the rest.

What happens to be the fan-favorite from this body of work? Does it coincide with the song that you deem as your personal pick?

I believe the fan favorite will be “Sunday Tingz” but truly only time will tell. Folks love the musicianship of Soon Come but it may not strike everyone as the favorite. My favorite is the whole project. I get a different vibe from each one in its own right. I could never just pick one.

What are you hoping that listeners take away from the transition from playfulness to vulnerable on “Soon Come?"

I hope they can take belief in themselves from the record, persistence from the record, hope as well. We all need each and every one of those. I think Soon Come brings that to the table as well as a mean retro groove spun with some MK flavor.

What's next from you Jae?

Hard to say right now, definitely a video for one of the tracks, I won't say which yet, but more music, more push, hopefully, more shows soon as everything opens back up safely. Most importantly I think the best Jae is coming next and I am really excited for everyone who has been supporting me from day one to see the growth and enjoy the journey.