Jae Alxndr ‘Living in the Moment’ On New Single “Quarnting”

Up and coming Hip-Hop and R&B artist Jae Alxndr has just released catchy track “Quarnting.”

After being diagnosed with Non-Hodgkin’s Lymphoma in 2018, he has had his fair share of ups and downs.

In order to endure the harder times, Alxndr uses his music as an outlet. His inspiration for lyrics and musical style comes from the perspective and wisdom he developed throughout his journey.

This artist continues to use his platform to inspire his audiences to overcome their own obstacles. Jae Alxndr’s new single “Quarnting” combines aspects of hip hop and R&B into his own unique sound.

Beginning with a multidimensional soundscape, Jae Alxndr quickly shows you what type of music fans can expect with “Quarnting.” An 808 trap beat hits hard in combination with Alxndr’s rapping. His vocals remain soft, comparable to the likes of Nav, and auto-tuned in a Travis Scott style.

With its simplistic lyrics and catchy melody, Jae Alxndr will have fans singing along to the chorus in no time. “Quarnting” allows fans to momentarily escape reality as Alxndr guides them to his message of living in the moment. By combining the intensity of “Quarnting’s” beat with his smoother vocals, Jae Alxndr shows fans his ability to balance his music.

Listen to "Quarnting" here.

How has your diagnosis shaped the type of artist and person, you are today?

I’ve come to find myself through dealing with all of this, and I wouldn’t have wanted it any other way. I’ve become a much more optimistic and happier version of myself as I live life one day at a time.

Can you describe how you have become to produce your own music as you escape?

I’ve always dabbled in beat/ music production since middle school but was too insecure to release it. Since diagnosed I have to quarantine 10x harder than the average person due to me being at risk; I spend my time both in Missouri & Tennessee—With very different living and recording situations. So with all this newfound time I pieced together equipment and started to record in my room/closet and at an a-local studio nearby. Being your own Artist/engineer without studio speakers all the time is a challenge in itself but I’ve come to love the process.

Are there any musical inspirations (musicians, bands) that influence your style? Could you tell us how they inspire you? 

My favorite artist has always been Partynextdoor, he himself has spawned a mini-genre inside of hip/hop and r&b that I love the most. I admire Tory Lanez’s writing and song making ability—I watch his stuff all the time for inspiration whenever I have some sort of writer's block or don’t know what to do on a track. Lastly, Derek Wise of 88 Glam.. he has my favorite delivery in music at the moment”

What message would you like to give to your fans about overcoming obstacles in life?

Your best days are ahead of you. You have no idea how many people are actually in your corner or rooting for you until you step into the ring” 

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

since everything has become digital due to the pandemic, it’s the best time as an up and coming artist to get themselves heard. Blogs, Labels, etc can’t go to shows and are on their computers more than ever— so what better time than now.