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Jae Cabrera Left His Mark On 2021

New York-based r&b/pop recording artist and singer-songwriter Jae Cabrera returns to highlight his many accomplishments throughout 2021.

The dedicated singer-songwriter is known for making music that reflects many artistic forums; his timeless r&b always keeps listeners returning for more. One could describe Jae Cabrera's sound as soulful and energetic, but that's just scratching the surface. A veteran of the music industry, Jae Cabrera took 2021 by the horns and reminded us why he's here in the first place through his many meaningful tunes.

One of our favorite releases of the year from Jae Cabrera was his July release, "Gravity," which sucked the air out of the room with incredible passion, lust, and desire. It's safe to say that this song holds a special place in our hearts thanks to Jae Cabrera's relatable and sensual words. Another track that kept our world going round was the softness and unbridled passion of "Love Tomorrow."

We heard Jae Cabrera spice things up through his cinematic and dynamic single, "Turbulence," which left our souls floating above this plane and into sonic bliss. Another honorable mention is definitely Jae Cabrera's late March release, "59Fifty," reminding us that his lover fits him just right like a perfect 59Fifty.

Jae Cabrera also lent his stylings to CvpFuturisticBeatx for their atmospheric single, "Lounge Americano South Africa (feat. Jae Cabrera)." All in all, Jae Cabrera took 2021 by storm, and we watched as his career reach peaks with help from the many singles he's released.

For now, catch Jae Cabrera's music on all digital streaming platforms, and keep your eyes open for his sweet and savory tunes throughout 2022.


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