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Jahnel Daliya New Single "Gold" Is Everything You Need In Your Life Right Now

Blending a unique fusion of folk, pop, and rock, Jahnel Daliya is a gifted singer/songwriter from Virginia. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Jahnel Daliya has a unique sound thanks to her diverse upbringing. Growing up listening to R&B classics and 1980’s soul, Jahnel naturally was drawn to fellow songstresses like Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, and Paula Abdul. Having had no formal musical training, Jahnel is entirely self-taught. From her soulful inspired vocals to her rock-fuel guitar riffs, she has independently honed her craft from the ground up. Jahnel Daliya’s debut album “Into The Night” is out now and features a BuzzMusic favorite titled, “Gold”. The album explores a certain balance of the carefree spirit and the feeling o being grounded by love. 

“Gold” is a folk/pop anthem that strives to create a feeling of togetherness through addicting melodies and catchy riffs. Jahnel’s vocals add a powerful tone to add a certain comfortability. Her expansive range and intoxicating tone capture listeners instantly. Jahnel Daliya has found her original sound and it flows so freely. “Gold” will have you toe-tapping, clapping, and singing along with the spectacular artistry of Jahnel. The important message of the song summed up is to live life to the fullest, but not so hard that you lose sight of what’s important to you. Bravo, Jahnel for spreading positivity in the music industry today. Stay on the lookout for more collaborations with the incredible singer/songwriter Jahnel Daliya!

Check out “Gold” here & keep scrolling for our exclusive interview with Jahnel below. 

Welcome to BuzzMusic Jahnel! Can you start by telling our readers about yourself? How did you originally get started in the music industry?

I've been a closeted musician and writer for way too long. I bought my first guitar when I was in college and took a few lessons. I would write song ideas in my journal but it never when past my bedroom door. I finally decided years later it was time to let go of my fear and try my music outside of my four walls. In 2013 I was hit a lot of shows in DC and was meeting a lot of local and touring musicians. I felt so inspired. I remember telling one touring songwriter from Philadelphia that I didn't even know where to start and he recommended I check out some open mics. That was just the space I needed. I met so many other creatives and the itch to play more music became more intense. After a few months, I met some folks who wanted to back me up on bass and drums and so I began booking small gigs, a few festivals, and fairs. Over the past five years, I've gotten to play with a few different musicians, which changed the feel of the music. We got better at playing together and the songs I was writing were more rock-driven and truer to who I was becoming as an artist.

What can you tell us about your brand new album “Into The Night”?

This album is my voice, my heart. I'm a night owl, and all of these songs were probably written after midnight when my world was quiet which I think allowed me to really find my voice for this record. My goal was to write songs about life, love and pursuing a passion. Not just my own, but for people listening to find their own meaning. I wanted this to be an introspective journey that would evoke memories or aspirations of carefree life and make people want to move, do something they may have forgotten they wanted to do, or do more of the things they love.

I hired my dear friend Cynthia Marie to play the piano on this record to help fill in the spaces with delicateness. I almost wanted a few songs to be all piano. Most of the tracks are acoustic-driven but I wanted this album to have an edgy rock-inspired effect provided by the electric guitar but I wanted to add a punch in a few tracks with a horn section. My goal with this album was to show the soft and edginess of my writing and to hint toward a direction of flow for music to come.

Can you dive into the meaning of the lyrics in “Gold”? What does this song represent for you?

Gold was one of those songs I wrote out of a need to shift my own perspective. Life is always changing. When you are in a relationship and managing a career or you start a family I think it's easy to get lost in those things. The first verse of the song is speaking of a man who needs to provide for his family has taken over to the point he loses himself. He loses his soul and becomes a shell of a man and absent because he let the work become his focus or the "gold". The woman in the second verse is waiting for her lover to come home. To her she could care less about having things, she just wants her love, the kids miss their father, and the father has missed out on it all. I feel like we see this all the time in America. The drive to succeed and the need to have things takes over our values. I wanted to look at what is the "gold" in life, the thing that we put all our energies towards and holds our values. Ultimately, I figure it's all a balancing act. I love writing music and pursuing a career in music, but I love the people in my life and I don't want to neglect them for my passion and visa Versa.

For someone who has never seen you live before, can you explain your performance and stage presence?

Whether I am performing solo or with a band, the goal is to draw listeners into an intimate space with each song. I want to be able to share with people like we are old friends catching up after time apart. Maybe we can relate to the things that life has dealt us or choices we've made. It's a very real and raw moment. I don't have a gimmick or a character that I'm trying to be. The music and I are just energies in a space. Maybe I'll hit a spark in someone and inspire their own story, maybe they will just lean in and be like "Yeah, I've been there".

What’s next for you, Jahnel Daliya?

I hope to start touring in the summer of 2020. Going down the east coast and then making my way west. I want to continue the journey, spread the music and experience new interactions with people across the country. I will be releasing a few singles next spring that will make up volume 3 of this project.



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