Jahnel Daliya New Single "Gold" Is Everything You Need In Your Life Right Now

Blending a unique fusion of folk, pop, and rock, Jahnel Daliya is a gifted singer/songwriter from Virginia. Born and raised in Brooklyn, New York, Jahnel Daliya has a unique sound thanks to her diverse upbringing. Growing up listening to R&B classics and 1980’s soul, Jahnel naturally was drawn to fellow songstresses like Whitney Houston, Janet Jackson, and Paula Abdul. Having had no formal musical training, Jahnel is entirely self-taught. From her soulful inspired vocals to her rock-fuel guitar riffs, she has independently honed her craft from the ground up. Jahnel Daliya’s debut album “Into The Night” is out now and features a BuzzMusic favorite titled, “Gold”. The album explores a certain balance of the carefree spirit and the feeling o being grounded by love. 

“Gold” is a folk/pop anthem that strives to create a feeling of togetherness through addicting melodies and catchy riffs. Jahnel’s vocals add a powerful tone to add a certain comfortability. Her expansive range and intoxicating tone capture listeners instantly. Jahnel Daliya has found her original sound and it flows so freely. “Gold” will have you toe-tapping, clapping, and singing along with the spectacular artistry of Jahnel. The important message of the song summed up is to live life to the fullest, but not so hard that you lose sight of what’s important to you. Bravo, Jahnel for spreading positivity in the music industry today. Stay on the lookout for more collaborations with the incredible singer/songwriter Jahnel Daliya!

Check out “Gold” here & keep scrolling for our exclusive interview with Jahnel below.