Jai Bentley's Giving Us Chills With His Latest Release "Winter Time"

Jai Bentley is a Canadian based artist who creates Pop/Rap music that typically deals with heartbreak. Since learning how to produce his own music he has released two music videos and continues to work on new content. Jai's latest release "Winter Time" is a modern high energy tune that features Post Malone like enthusiastic effected vocals, dynamic evolving drums, and an esoteric guitar riff that carries throughout the song.

A highlight of "Winter Time" is its incredibly catchy hook. From the second repeat, we found ourselves singing along already. The music video for "Winter Time" has an interesting aesthetic. It has the look as if it was done on an older camcorder and has classic but yet polished transition effects that make it pop out of the screen. The video is focussed on Jai excitedly performing the song in various locations, whether it's outside during a winter snowfall or a contrasting warm tone looking hallway. Alongside that there are epic shots of a car drifting in the snow, complimenting the high energy of the song.

From the smooth modern sound to the exciting video, we can't wait to see what else Jai Bentley will be creating this year.

Hey Jai Bentley! Welcome to BuzzMusic! We're really digging "Winter Time"! What was the songwriting and production process for it like? Were there any challenges faced during its creation?

The songwriting and production process went very smoothly overall! As soon as I heard the beat a melody popped into my head and I started to freestyle the lyrics that are now on the song. Typically when I record I never write my lyrics, I usually freestyle them as I go. After I had recorded, mixing everything was the easy part (as I have done it so much). By the time the song was finished, I felt like something was still missing. The only challenge I faced during this song was coming up with little things to add to the song and make it more full. To solve this problem I focused on the beat. Typically on the 4th bar of the hook, I took out a section of the beat and just left my vocals in it to make it more dramatic sounding.

The music video for "Winter Time" is very entertaining to watch! What was the filming and production process for it? What had inspired you to do the types of transitions and effects that were used?

I had so much fun filming this video. Nic Goddard is an amazing videographer and also one of my good friends so it made filming so much easier. Our first day of filming was actually at 12:00am on a Tuesday and I remember I had a presentation to do at 8:00 am. Days before I had found a perfect location to film at, it was an abandoned auto shop. It was really interesting to film there because we had no idea if anyone else was in there with us or not and it’s also very dangerous due to the holes in the ground and random pieces of metal sticking out everywhere. Going back to the first day, we got there at 12:00am and stayed until 3:30 AM. Remind you this is in Canada, in the freezing cold winter. By the time we finished filming I could barely talk because my lips were frozen. Nic Goddard had finished editing the whole video within three weeks. I had no judgment or say in what the video was going to look like. I believe that Nic is a very good editor and trusted him with everything. Nic and I have this kind of connection that basically lets us think or see the same way. We both wanted to make a somewhat dark but happy video. A lot of the effects Nic used are inspired by Cole Bennett. For example, at the very beginning of the song when the BMW is outlined in white chalk. Cole Bennett uses this effect a lot in many of his videos such as Ransom by Lil Tecca.

Your music has a very modern sound to it but sounds quite pleasing. What inspires you to create your style? Do you have any idols that you look up to?

I had always had a rough time trying to develop my style. I always tried to sound like someone I’m not. Eventually, I gave up on that and started to just make whatever came to me. Growing up I never really listened to HipHop or Rap because my mom hated listening to it. On a side note, she does like the old school rap. Therefore I listened to a lot of what my parents listened to which would vary anywhere from Alternative to Rock music. I would grow up listening to bands such as Green Day, Coldplay, and even Black Sabbath. When I was around 12 I started listening to a lot more hip hop and rap music. What I guess I’m trying to say is my style had possibly developed from a lot of past music I had listened to. What inspires me the most to make music is heartbreak. I don’t think I would have ever started to make music if I hadn’t gone through a big breakup. Music was an outlet for me. Making any other music that doesn’t involve love or heartbreak in it just doesn’t sound right to me. The two biggest idols I look up to are Iann Dior and Juicewrld. I love the guitar melody that are played throughout the beats they use. A lot of their songs are also focused on heartbreak which is where I get a lot of inspiration from. Juice Wrld was by far my favorite artist, I would listen to him every day. When he passed away I had got a tattoo on my left thigh in regards to him. The tattoo says “Legends Never Die”, in the "Winter Time" music video you can see my tattoo.

Since the release of your first music video, how do you think you have grown and evolved as an artist? Do you have any new goals since this release that you are aiming to achieve?

Since my first music video released I have definitely gained a lot more exposure. At first, no one seemed to really care about my music at all actually. But I kept going and made more songs every week. Since then everything about me has improved. My songwriting, vocals, mixing, and social media have all gone uphill since then. Nowadays people are engaged with my music and support me. I get messages from random people I don’t even know commenting on how my music is great and is so relatable. Since my first music video, I have also learned so much about the music industry. Before I didn’t know anything. I feel like every artist's goal out there is to make it into the big leagues. As much as I would want that to, I have set smaller goals for myself. For now, my goal is to build a loyal fan base of about 30,000 people. Not too big, not too small. I want people to care for my music and be so excited when I’m releasing something new. My biggest goal with music is to help people out. I want people to know that they’re not the only one going through problems, I want them to know they’re not alone. I want people to relate to my music and help them get through their troubles whether it’s a breakup or simply just had a bad day. I want my outlet to be their outlet too.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020?

You can expect to see a lot more singles coming out and possibly an EP. Every song I create gets better and better and I don’t want you to miss out! I definitely expect to see a bigger variety of sounds. You never know what you may hear from me next. It could be a full-on fast-paced rap song or maybe an upbeat pop song. In 2020 you will also most likely see new music videos for songs, directed by Nic Goddard of course. It is possible that you will hear me in other artists' songs. It is possible that you will hear other artists in my songs. Stay updated with me in 2020 and you will see what I have for you.

Stream "Winter Time" here.