Jai Fears Shows Off Her Performing Skills in "Gemini"

Being involved within the music scene for as long as Jai Fears has been, you can already guarantee she's picked up various influences and wisdom to create the very performer she is today. We're impressed by the persona of Jai Fears. She began her early music life touring as a backup dancer but now finds herself in the main spotlight as she emerges as a solo artist. The product listeners receive very reminiscently of her robust energy, and the exact visuals offered to listeners capture the attitude and zest Jai Fears has to bring to her music. You can't expect to get singular energy from Jai Fears, as she's eclectic about the type of energy she has to offer to listeners. There's nothing mundane about the music of Jai Fears, and her latest single, "Gemini," proves this to be incredibly real. We get a real and authentic Hip/Hop vibe with Jai Fears in "Gemini." Jai Fears takes the opportunity to exploit the range of her vocals well within the track. Right from the start, you can easily hear that Jai Fears offered a serious old-school take on the Hip/Hop scene that brings such a sense of flair. We get so many characteristics from Jai Fears, and honestly, she's always been that kind of multi-faceted artist, but "Gemini" is what solidified her eccentrics. "Gemini" is a whole performance from Jai Fears, and she proves through the songs music video that she genuinely is the performer to be watching. We get funk, glamour, and an overall catchy vibe with Jai Fears, and here's hoping her future music contains just as much vitality as "Gemini."

Listen to Jai Fears in her latest single "Gemini" here

Welcome, Jai Fears! Congrats on releasing "Gemini", yet another single under yourself as a solo artist! How do you feel the track came to fruition? Were there any hopes you had once releasing this particular song?

Time and time again I would tell someone I'm a Gemini and almost 95% of the time I would get a negative response. I know it's past due to have a song that lifts us up in a good light. Gemini is also the name of the EP that I'm working on so I had to have a title track for it too. If anything I hope people learn more about Gemini's and see that we're not so bad lol and for Gemini's to unite across the globe and see how many great Gemini's there are out there.

It's undoubtfully true that your music contains more than just one kind of genre style. How would you expand on describing your natural style regarding music? Are there any styles you're prone to navigating towards more than others?

It's best to describe my music the only way I know how and that's me being a Gemini and having 2 sides and types of music I like to sing. I have an upbeat dance energetic side and I also have a chill side where I sing songs about awarenesses love and chillin and having fun.

Your presence in the music video for "Gemini" perfectly grasped the vitality we felt the song have. Considering the current times, were there any challenges you faced recording the music video at your personal home? 

Just the typical challenges of not having a full crew, having dancers and people that I intended to be in the video originally. I also had to come up with a wardrobe from my closet, couldn't hire a stylist or go out and buy anything. I had to do my own hair and makeup which I was very nervous about that was a first. Trying to come up with a concept when it's just you wasn't the easiest either but we figured it out the best we could lol. So yeah just a few challenges nothing major lol.

Being as experienced as you are within the music scene, what are some pivotal pieces of wisdom you've come across that you've applied to your current sounding now?

I always stay true to myself which is something I struggled with for some time. I've been told to look and sound a certain way for so long I didn't even know who I was for most of my adult life and I think a lot of us as artists go through this, always told to go with the trend or do this to go viral. Forget all that. Stick to what's in your heart, stick to your message and brand no matter how ''different'' it sounds. Majority of successful artists when they emerged sounded completely different from what the trend was at that time.