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Jam Along To Tony Thanos’ Single “Midnight Sun”

From Haverhill, MA, Tony Thanos is here with a lush indie/rock sound. Self made and independent singer/songwriter, Tony has received an outpouring of love all over the United States and abroad for his phenomenal music. He strives to create music that listeners can relate to, but also jam out to. The rising new artist, Tony Thanos fuses these two goals perfectly.

With a freshly released music video, “Midnight Sun” will have you addicted to Tony Thanos’ sound. His Indie/rock delivery is a unique and vivid take on the music scene. The meaningful lyrics and powerful message of “Midnight Sun” is inspiring. “I’m going crazy, don’t ask me why under the ‪midnight sun‬ awakens the worst nightmares” is my favorite lyric that Tony belts out. His creative lyricism and ability to paint a picture in your mind is admirable. Tony Thanos delivers a vocal range to die for. His steady and deliberate tone transport you through the musical journey of “Midnight Sun”. “Just for today, not yesterday” is another line that resonates with me. This lyric brilliantly concludes the indie/rock ballad. The music break at the very end of the track where we witness a killer acoustic guitar riff by Tony Thanos is my absolute favorite. He boasts his talent and skills throughout “Midnight Sun” and I highly recommend giving it a listen and checking out the music video!

Check out “Midnight Sun” here and read more with Tony Thanos below!


Hi Tony! Can you tell us more about your background and introduction into music growing up?

My father has been my biggest influence, he showed me a cassette tape of Stevie Ray Vaughan and I was blown away. He played guitar and saxophone and showed  me a ton of good music and got me into the guitar. My mother also got me into music she played banjo and would jam all the time with my father. I got my first guitar around 12 years old, I still have an acoustic guitar my father gave me it’s an old 1980’s Sigma acoustic made by Martin. I write all my songs on it, it’s where it all begins.

What is your song “Midnight Sun” about? What was the writing process like?

Midnight Sun, is written in away that is open for interpretation. I like to write this way so other people can have their own personal feeling in a song. If I was to think what the song is about to me it would be a relationship of man, and woman that shows the struggles of real life and exceptions people leave on couples or relationships. It doesn’t necessarily mean a romantic relationship. When it’s all said and down to escape from it all is what really what can help a tough situation to get clarity. I wrote the song basically listening to some blues and jazz on Spotify. I tend to like to zone out, and let the some stream of consciousness in guitar playing, melody and lyrics just come. There is definitely a big Stone Temple Pilots influence throughout the record.

What would be your dream collaboration? Why?

I am fortunate to record with an amazing producer musician and engineer Doug Batchelder he’s the owner of The Den Studios of North Reading, MA. He helped out a lot of this record and has helped set my other band Lockjaw Smile with other great musicians. The next recording I’d like to collaborate with a female singer song writer that would be exciting to make some duet tunes in the style of the 60’s!

When you’re not making music, what do you do?

I have a great adult job haha. I work with consulting Food professionals in the healthcare world on industry standards and support. I have a lovely wife Lucy who’s is amazingly supportive of me and is ready to tour! And my son Nicolas who just tuned 2 and loves to play Drums Guitar and Piano he will be featured on my music video for my song “Social Sidewinder” Stay Tuned!

What age did you begin performing?

Right around 13 I played my first gig it was a battle of the bands very exciting. I don’t remember who one or anything but I do remember just wanting to turn the amp all the way up and floor it. 

What’s next for you in 2019?

Currently I will be performing my solo record with some of the guys of my other band Lockjaw Smile. Later this year we will be recording new Lockjaw Smile tunes for a fall Tour.


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