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James Bene Climbs A “Mountain,” Of Truth

Electro-pop savant James Bene's young career is defined by instantly memorable melodies, intimate lyricism, and an eagerness to smash conventions. A fearless explorer of human emotion, he delves deeply into his soul, transforming his triumphs and anxieties into songs with near-universal appeal.

Ultimately, his music expresses an unwavering desire to survive. With a steady stream of new releases expected in 2022 and beyond, James Bene is on his way to becoming one of the most vital young voices in music today.

His latest release, "Mountain" takes us on a sonic venture through an atmospheric realm of truth. James Bene has an undeniable magnetism that has us drawn towards him immediately as his voice plays through the speakers. His smoldering timbres have a hypnotic texture as his lyrical motifs lure you into the depths of his soul.

With instrumentation that echoes through the reverberated realm of James Bene, there's unique energy emitted in this pop-style depiction of his mind. Leaning into carefully crafted wording like, 'It's time I say goodbye. The taste of you still corrupts my mind. Now courage flows through my veins,' we get to navigate through the mellow timbres that unveil a colossal display of courage and grand performance closing out the song.

James Bene's vocal range shakes us to our core. He radiates a vibrant aura as he pulls us into the grand scheme of his artistic scope and lays us into the gentle approach he takes when applying his techniques. For those fans of the original version, James Bene is upping the ante and delivering an independently produced remix that he's eager to share with his audience.

Stream Jame Bene's "Mountain" today on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, James Bene, and congratulations on the release of your latest single, "Mountain." This piece builds into such a beautiful climactic moment before the song ends. Excellent job! What moment or story inspired the lyrical motifs that we hear?

Thank you! This song had its challenges when it came to the right sound to match the lyrics. I wanted to create a haunting uptempo ballad to match the intensity of the words without it being too morose. To be honest, I wrote this song as I was uncovering some childhood trauma as an adult. I often write about my past experiences because I hope my music inspires people to heal, learn, and conquer…no matter what they have experienced.

Does your music tend to take this approach when presenting your artistic style?

Aways. It is hard for me to be inauthentic when it comes to art. What’s the point of being an artist..right? So many of my songs (soon to be released) are about my childhood and my experiences..and are different from the first two songs I have released. Mountain also veers away from what I just put out. My first album is going to be very autobiographical in nature and has a dramatic flair lol…I am a performer at heart.

What do you hope the overall messaging in "Mountain" says to your audience?

Your life experience can harden you and make you closed off to love until you accept them as part of who you are and you become a mountain…strong as fuck! That’s what I wish to express. Excuse my french.

What is your mission statement as an artist?

To follow the beat of your own drum no matter what “they” tell you to do or be. Madonna said it best, "express yourself don’t repress yourself.”

What's next for you?

I am working on my full ep and then my album. I am dropping a remix of “Mountain", “Hours" and "American Warrior" due out this summer hopefully along with a new song…It’s will be a remix album for the kids ha!

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