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James Boston Gives Us A Taste Of Summer With Latest "Love In The Summer”

James Boston is a 23-year old independent artist from Bakersfield, California. Since writing his first song at the tender age of 7 and releasing his first mixtape at the age of 17, James has undeniably progressively improved as an artist. He has released one mixtape titled “Thanks For The Motivation”, which was released in 2018 and featured a notable Chicago artist Rockie Fresh.

This time around, James Boston is aiming for a whole new sound and is experimenting with a new genre of R&B. Pursuing this route, he is hoping to fully display his profound creativity as an artist. He released his single titled “Love In The Summer” and it begins with a symphonic introduction and soft vibe that helps fit the title’s aesthetic.

“Never thought I'd love again” is the opening lyrics, which sets the tone for the song and opens up the idea of “Love In The Summer” being an emotive love bop record. The hook is a repetitive repeat of “I found love in the summer” which was delivered in a sublime projection. What I loved most about this record was how its have a content and peaceful bubble surrounding the song. You become lost within the mist of its conceptual and visualizing delivery.

“Love In The Summer” is the most fitting and ebullient song we can enjoy during this upcoming summer vacation! James Boston has a story to tell within his music, and he wants to solidify his mark within the game of hip hop and R&B.

Listen to "Love In The Summer” here and get to know more about the artist in our interview below!

Hello James! Can you introduce yourself to our BuzzMusic readers?

I’m a 23 year old independent artist from Bakersfield, California.

Tell us about your single “Love In The Summer” from your artist point of view. What inspired you to write this?

My inspiration for my single Love In The Summer came from a friend I met over the summer named Andrea. We had plenty of enjoyable memories together, so I envisioned us being a couple and decided to put it all in a song.

Did you face any challenges during the creation process of "Love In The Summer"?

One of the challenges I faced with creating Love in the Summer was deciding what type of song I wanted to have. I had wrote 4 different songs when creating the beat for this single and Love in the Summer came out to be my final choice. 

What do you think is the most captivating moment in “Love In The Summer” ?

The most captivating moment in Love in the Summer is just the whole vibe of the song. I believe that this a feel good song that most listeners will be able to enjoy. 

What can we expect next from you? We can't wait to hear what's next!

As of right now I am working on my R&B project called “Thanks For The Heartbreak” which I plan to release towards the end of this year. I will be releasing more singles in the next few months leading up to my projects release. 


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