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James Doe "Sets It Off" With New Hit Single!

James Doe is an emerging hip-hop and R&B artist crafting music from his Chicago studio. And people are starting to take notice – this talented artist has had nearly 100,000 streams on Spotify alone! The son of a DJ and a Lieutenant Colonel, James had a unique upbringing and introduction to music. “I feel I understand music from a different perspective,” he says, and that translates into his sound. Growing up, James idolized his brother who rapped – until he realized that he was better, and stuck with it since. James Doe recent release “Set It Off" is the perfect sensual vibe record we can add to our playlist. James Doe has that true urban RnB vocal style and sound I believe will translate well across numerous radio stations and generate a fanbase due to the fact that his style is what’s “in” at the moment. “Set It Off” is a lovemaking, passionate, and stimulating bop that weaves between the lines of classic RnB and modern day rap music. Nowadays, people have been enjoying the balance between hip hop and RnB music and it plays highly favorable for the provocative energy like “Set It Off”. The sexual lyricism has moments of relatable punchlines where I see others and especially the current generation repeating the lyrics on their social media statuses and captions!

Spice up your Spotify playlist with James Doe's "Set It Off"

Catch James Doe's exclusive interview below to get to know the artist a little better!


Hey there, care to introduce yourself to our readers?

Of Course! Wassup ya'll, My name is James Doe or you can call me Doe for short.I grew up in Chicago and found making music was a whole lot easier than pitching all day. My parents tried their best to make sure I became something in life, so i decided to become independentand do my own thing. My whole goal of being an artist is to have you, the listener, be able to listen to my music and have a song for each emotion you could be feeling. Seeing my father become one of the most talented DJ's in the Chicagoland area made me want to emulate that. You know, maybe oneday he would play my music for a show, but unfortunately he passed away a while back, so I just use that as motivation, if he couldnt see me in person, then maybe he'll see how my music makes peoplefeel. You know, outside of trap, cuz he would prolly shake his head at me " YOU NOT POSE TO TELL ONYOURSELF JAMES" Lol.

Being the son of a DJ, would you say you grew up in a musically inclined household?

Oh no doubt. My father introduced me to my first musical experiences. Opened my little mindup to R&B, blues, oldies, and old school hip hop. First hip hop album I heard was Snoop Doggs Doggystyle. Oh, he beat my ass...I mean I got a BEATING BEATING.....but it was great times lol. My mother was a pastorso she only listened to artists like Fred Hammond, Kirk Franklin, Yolanda Adams and Donnie McClurkin. My older brother was more into Rap, hip-hop and R&B so while I loved everything I heard, I gravitated more towardsHip-hop. Funny part is everybody had their own music. So my pops would never listen to rap, but would listen to gospel,my bro would listen to hip-hop but nun else and my mom had God, so she didnt need nothing fact her favorite HipHop song to this day is "Walk it out Remix Feat. Andre 3000 and Jim Jones." but I was the calm medium between everybodyso I was exposed to different types off music not just genre but culturally.

Do you self-produce your music?

OH HELL NAH. lol. I could, but then I wouldn't have anybody to make me look good and I swear that's all they ever do! Shoutout to Fostepco, Shenq, 81Skinny, IrCasim, The N.E.W.S. & the homie MizzHitz Beatz. They all have different vibes to them, which is an artists best dream. So If I want something Trap, I know to call 81 & Shenq because that's their area. If I want somethingLo-Fi type I call IrCasim. If I want something outside of the norm, something that marries traditional and untraditional sounds, I go to fostepco. And if I am in my feelings, I call N.E.W.S. and MizzHitz. While I don't make my own beats, I engineer everything in post production(Shout out SAE Institute in Atlanta). I had the pleasure to be around heavyhitters in the Atlanta music world and soaked up as muchknowledge I could and incorporated my own style to make it unique. All the mastering however is done by Ben Hixon out of Dallas.. So publically, let me say THANK YA'LL.

You have a nice style that we see doing well! Do you have any specific music influences?

Thanks. Fr Fr, there are always days I feel like maybe this isnt for me, so when I get feedback like this, I tend to get remotivated to create a new experience musically. But yes. Some people know that I rap more than I sing, but my biggest BIGGEST influence isnt even involved in music. She has been the living embodiment of what African American success is suppose to look like. She came from nothing,had her grind right and now her money makes her money and got her in the position she's in right now; A global icon. My 2nd influence is Mr. R O CS. Carter, H to the IZZO.....followed similar paths(except Oprah aint never shank a cop) but musically, from his story to his success, its really whereI see myself in a few years. Until then, its just Fostepco and I chasing the gold that shines off the grammy and brightens our future.

“Set It Off” would make a great music video! Have you already started thinking of any visuals for it?

Lol. Flattery will get you EVERYWHERE. But yeah that's acutally in the works. We shoot in a couple weeks and currently just looking atdope locations around the area to really capture the essence of the song. To me, that means catching both the love and hate we have for each other, and expressing it in a way that everybody can relate. I really hope they like the music like ya'll do.

What’s next for James Doe!?

Well, more music. I am releasing my album "For Your Consideration 2" completely produced by MizzHitz in May. On my ex and I anniversary. I mean.....She got me blocked everywhereso I doubt she'll be one of the streams but who knows lol. Im already working on a follow up with Mizzhitz. But I released my debut project last year "For Your Consideration" produced by Fostepco, Shenq & fatmackington, but im currently switchingfrom CDBaby to Distrokid so I need to wait for CDBaby to completely erase it from their database so I can reupload. It still on Soundcloud tho FYI. But I got a CRAZY CRAZY rap project coming out "FYC 2.5" with 81Skinny. and Its BANANAS. I spelledthat right, right? know when you look at words to long they start to look wrong...yeah...thats me right now. but yeah I currently have a back catalog of RNB songs with other producers im going to release throughout this year, but my new workwill definitely prove to people that I am here to imprint on this game. And I dont need a big name producer to help, i dont need a cosign, I dont need a gimmick, I just need music, a blunt, a cup of hot Todi, and Fostepco to stop switching studios and settle tf down lmao.


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