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James Ghareeb Becomes Vulnerable in “When U Left”

Hailing all the way from Chicago Illinois, but relocating to Los Angeles, California, singer and songwriter James Ghareeb has a unique blend of Pop, Rock, and Acoustic folk that fuses together to create an effortless experience you do not want to miss out on!

We took a listen to his single titled “When U Left” and the production of this record was absolutely on point. The melodic piano keys and theatrical arrangements of the instrumental that moved with a nomadic and dejected vibe helped curate an atmospheric ballad that unleashes a realm of emotions in its listener. James Ghareeb's voice soars over his listeners and graces them with a special touch. You become lost within the song, feeling every note and soft transition. “When U Left” is the perfect song to add to your break-up playlist. We all are guilty of lying down and listening to emotionally convicted music that speaks to our souls and for our feelings, and “When U Left” couldn’t be any more fitting for that squad of jams. This song was so good that it caused repeated listens. The entire aura of this track felt highly pure and authentic. The emotion delivered in James Ghareeb’s voice felt raw and helps the listener paint the perfect nostalgic image in their head. James Ghareeb is an amazing artist with tons of quality in not only his music, but his voice as well. His register was showcased so fluently. The notes just smoothly connected through multiple branches of pitches so effortlessly. The skill James Ghareeb has is immaculate, and “When U Left” is the perfect sentimental song to reflect on any past disappointment, rejection, or hurt. We can’t help but be excited for what he has in store! Listen to "When U Left" here on Spotify.

Hey James Ghareeb! Knowing you have multiple different genres and styles you’re able to execute, do you have any musical influences that you catered to growing up?

In the last couple of years, I've been dabbling with different sounds and different instruments to really find what "my sound" is. I think I've found a genre I'm very happy with, for now. Growing up, I was addicted to pop, but as I grew older, I found comfort in folk music, and artists like Ben Howard, Matt Corby, and recently Leif Vollebekk and Dermot Kennedy.

Your single “When U Left” was absolutely beautiful. The lyrics felt very authentic and passionate. What inspired you to write this piece and how did you find the arrangements you were seeking in the production of it?

Thank you! There is definitely some pain behind the song, but it's more about expecting the unexpected from family, your partner, friends, etc.. whatever it means to you, is what the song is about. As far as the arrangement of the song, I wanted to add some sort of ambient vibe to it and drop the vocals so the music has a chance to speak.

What does this song “When U Left” mean to you as an artist? 

This song, in particular, means a lot to me, not just because of the music but, because of the collaboration with Native. Native lives in Switzerland and I found him on a playlist on youtube. I automatically fell in love with his sound. I reached out to him in hopes to talk music, months later he was in LA and recording When U Left with me. This song reminds me that no matter the time and place, music is a way of bringing others together.

Were there any moments in the recording process of “When U Left” that was at all challenging? Why or why not?

I fought with myself for a while trying to decide whether or not to add a bridge. I ended up letting the music ride with a very faint electric guitar in the background; I felt as if that's what the song needed. Other than that, it was a mutual collaboration between Native and me.

We hear you have an album titled “Colours” set to release in the upcoming year of 2020. What can we expect from this project?

The album is officially all recorded and ready for release - I've been working on this album for over 3 years and I'm more than ready for people to hear it. You can expect a mix of emotions poured into numerous songs outlining everything from pain to happiness. I've never been more excited to release music in my life and Colours has everything I've been feeling. 


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