James Lindsay Speaks on Loving From a Distance With His Latest Single “You Up?”

Hailing from New Zealand, alt-pop artist James Lindsay releases his passionate single “You Up?”. While writing, recording and producing his music by himself, James Lindsay has since begun undertaking collaborative works for future projects. While the world’s current events have put a standstill on his goals of beginning live performances, he’s decided to take on these occurrences by building his sound. Written, recorded, and produced during the midst of the lockdown, James Lindsay’s single “You Up?” was aimed to bring us a fun and radiant pop song with a ray of light. Through soft and sincere vocals and feel-good pop instrumentals, James Lindsay has purely crafted a song that can easily resonate with us all. While opening with heartfelt lyrics of having someone on your mind and reminiscing the last time you saw them, James Lindsay single “You Up?” has our attention with his incredibly relatable lyricism. With charming and bright delivery, James Lindsay’s vocals treat our ears to a fresh and uplifting sound, bringing our energy and optimism back up. The highlight of “You Up?” has to be James Lindsay’s message that he sincerely portrays through vulnerable lyrics, as he finds an outlet for his woes by channeling it through indulgent alt-pop music. Singing words of falling in love with someone and missing them with the vast space between us today, James Lindsay’s “You Up?” finds meaning within the madness.

Discover "You Up?" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, James Lindsay! We’re finding your latest single “You Up?” to be incredibly relatable, especially during this time. What made you want to write “You Up?” and bring such a sincere message?