James Lindsay Speaks on Loving From a Distance With His Latest Single “You Up?”

Hailing from New Zealand, alt-pop artist James Lindsay releases his passionate single “You Up?”. While writing, recording and producing his music by himself, James Lindsay has since begun undertaking collaborative works for future projects. While the world’s current events have put a standstill on his goals of beginning live performances, he’s decided to take on these occurrences by building his sound. Written, recorded, and produced during the midst of the lockdown, James Lindsay’s single “You Up?” was aimed to bring us a fun and radiant pop song with a ray of light. Through soft and sincere vocals and feel-good pop instrumentals, James Lindsay has purely crafted a song that can easily resonate with us all. While opening with heartfelt lyrics of having someone on your mind and reminiscing the last time you saw them, James Lindsay single “You Up?” has our attention with his incredibly relatable lyricism. With charming and bright delivery, James Lindsay’s vocals treat our ears to a fresh and uplifting sound, bringing our energy and optimism back up. The highlight of “You Up?” has to be James Lindsay’s message that he sincerely portrays through vulnerable lyrics, as he finds an outlet for his woes by channeling it through indulgent alt-pop music. Singing words of falling in love with someone and missing them with the vast space between us today, James Lindsay’s “You Up?” finds meaning within the madness.

Discover "You Up?" here.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, James Lindsay! We’re finding your latest single “You Up?” to be incredibly relatable, especially during this time. What made you want to write “You Up?” and bring such a sincere message?

Well it was in the first week of lockdown and we obviously couldn’t socialize so it just got me thinking about the way everything was before we all went into isolation. I thought about the funny things like coming home after a few drinks and texting someone that I really liked and the idea just went from there. 

I made the ‘beat’ for the song first thing that morning and I played it while my younger brother was in the room to see his reaction. Usually, with this sort of thing, you can’t get much of a reaction with just an instrumental but he sort of perked up and told me it was catchy. Then I just wrote the chorus based on the texting idea off the cuff while he was still in the room and he just said “I think you’ve got something there” and that's where the rest of the song stemmed from. 

Speaking on the lyrics on “You Up?”, James Lindsay effortlessly flows on alt-pop instrumentals with textured and heartfelt messages. What helped you find lyrics that perfectly portray what you’re going through, and what many others are going through as well?

The lyrics for his song came surprisingly easily the whole song was written in around an hour (which definitely isn’t normal for me). It really just all centers around real-life pre lockdown which makes it easier to write - texting and missing people and wanting to call them and tell them what you really feel (usually after a few drinks!). I think it worked because I wasn’t scared, to be honest, and write exactly what was going through my head.  

In regards to your single “You Up?” and it’s entirety, James Lindsay displays vulnerable yet relatable lyrics, as well as fun and upbeat delivery. Did you have any original intentions for how you wanted “You Up?” to be perceived by the public? What impact did you want the song to have?

Yeah I wanted the song to be relatable but also fun and uplifting. The song has some quite lovesick lyrics in there and I could have gone for a more ‘sad-vibe’ sound with the instrumental but everyone's trying to stay positive during this time so I wanted it to be honest but stay fun. 

We’ve heard that after you established your sound as an artist, James Lindsay is beginning the collaborative process with singer-songwriter Hunter Davison. How do you think this might impact or expand your sound?

I think collaborating with others is important for any artist who’s trying to grow or improve particularly at the beginning of your career.  If you're doing everything in a bubble you’re never going to try anything new. I think it’s just about finding that person that works really well with you and then running with it. Hunter’s really enthusiastic and a super talented songwriter who understands what works best for me.

What can we expect to see from you throughout 2020? More music! I'm planning on releasing my next song in the next 4 weeks or so, fingers crossed. I’m super excited for everyone to hear it.