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James Nemesis Asserts His Presence with, "Let's Go..."

Hailing from North Africa is rapper James Nemesis. As an extremely progressive and expressive artist, James Nemesis is all about asserting his dominance and power within his music.

Once you give his tracks a listen, you'll understand how efficient he is at meeting this goal, and such a reality often stems from the bulk of his acutely forceful productional stylings. If you're curious what we mean by this aspect, a perfect example is his most recently released track, "Let's Go..."

"Let's Go...," is short, but definitely isn't anywhere near sweet, as this artist aims for ferocity. A hypnotizing beat immediately pierces the air and sets the tone for the track's projected ambiance. James Nemesis does his absolute most to stand out with this particular song, as the eclectic approach is ever so apparent.

The track's rhythm is a product of deeply fused synths, mainly adhering to a potent electronic presence that holds heavy energies. There's a level of mystification that gets locked into place with the vocal strategy of James Nemesis, and one may find it easy to get lost within the intensified production.

If you're in need of a quick energy booster, "Let's Go..." might be the song for you, especially if you crave potently forceful melodies. All in all, "Let's Go..." aimed high, and James Nemesis reached the target with the vehemently expressive approach, which ultimately crafted an assertive atmosphere.

How did you prefer the way your listeners interpreted "Let's Go..."?

Let’s say, the way they liked the fact that it was both different and very catchy. But some loved it for the way the words "Let's Go" were performed in the song. Others liked it out of nostalgia, because of Dababy's early songs.

The productional styling of "Let's Go..." is definitely vigorous, and stands out beyond comparison. How did you go about crafting this sort of vision for "Let's Go...", and can you describe the desired impact of the production on your end?

To be honest, this song was purely instinctive (laughs). Besides, the best songs are the ones that don't have to be “reflexive”. As I like to say: "Music is feeling, don't make it too cerebral".The audience may like or hate it, but it's still an honest feeling. Because the more you fake it, the more you can't make it as an artist (it’s really important to be Yourself, and nobody else…). And by the way, I've seen people hate this song and then love it: they just weren't ready to get "Let's Go..." in their ears the first time they listened to it (laughs).

But, sincerely, I think that as an independent artist, this song had its impact: a lot of listeners discovered me with this song, and most of them became my followers on Soundcloud, and I'm very happy about that. Because I was able to reach hundreds and then thousands of people. That means, if I keep going like this, I can sooner or later reach millions of people (smile).

Can you describe the major difference in yourself as an artist when you first began writing/recording, to the point of now releasing "Let's Go..."?

Wow, philosophical question, I love it! (laughs). I think the real difference was that before releasing "Let's Go...", there simply was no "Let's Go...". (smile). I mean, there wasn't that feeling of wanting to have fun listening to a new song. My new song... And especially to share it with as many people as possible, and to see once again, because it's far from being my first song, if this song brings me closer to The Billboard Hot 100, or away from it (smile).

Because for me, every new song is a step forward to The Billboard Hot 100, and the Soundcloud program: RepostSelect, or a step back. And the path that separates me from my goal, exists because the people who listen to my music, listen to my music...It has to be said, every musical artist only really exists because his listeners exist.

What's the next step for you now that "Let's Go..." has officially premiered?

It's simple, very simple: make sure that "Let's Go..." is listened to by as many people as possible. I hope it will be appreciated by many more people. And, do the same on the next song I release, and so on. Until one day, one of my songs will reach the Billboard Hot 100 and then do it again.

This year has been extremely hard for artists and musicians around the world. What kind of challenges did you face while creating new music this year?

Oh..., this year (2020), has been and still is horrible. Many of my musical artist and music producer friends found themselves in a situation they've never experienced before a waking nightmare. Everything has been closed, concerts and festivals have been very rare, everyone has been severely affected. So there was less money for studio sessions, and to buy licenses, and to make new music.

Fortunately, the internet exists. A lot of artists and producers I know have been able to make money thanks to streaming and by selling special services through the internet. And I'm one of those people who managed to do that.

Because as an independent artist, and a self-employed worker, I am always ready for any situation... That's why I have always advised my friends to always have a job on the side and to find a way to have a regular income on the internet, not to mention saving money to face the worst.

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