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James Worthy Invites You To, "See It My Way"

Coming together to emphasize Black History Month rightfully, American singer-songwriter James Worthy teams up with House Dance singer Robin S to release the latest single, “See It My Way.”

Written and produced by James Worthy, Ronell Sessoms, and Robin S, “See It My Way” is the lead single off James Worthy’s forthcoming album ‘Once A Fairytale.’ Pulling us into the grooves of this dark, psychedelic, disco meets synth-pop track, it’s immediately apparent that the passion of James Worthy exceeds our expectations.

Liveliness in the instrumentation causes a vibrant dynamic between the vocal layers accompanying these magical components. When you tune into the depth of the words professed, you latch onto this anthem that circles around manifestation, self-confidence, and a desire for the best life have to offer. As each note whisks us into this sonic beam of positivity, this is the first time that James Worthy releases his new musical style into the world.

Playing into his quintessence for uplifting himself and those around him, “See It My Way” radiates Black excellence significantly. Whether it’s Black History Month or any day of the year, this is the pride and hunger that we love to see from Black creatives as they raise their voice and emit a rich narrative that you can’t help but dive into.

This collaboration between yourself and Robin S resonates with us in such a powerful way. What moment or story inspired you to create such an upbeat record filled with radiance?

I am happy you guys enjoyed the song. This one is very special to me because I wanted to display a positive message in a powerful way that can be translated through dance music. The moral of the song is to outline the features of Manifestation and self-belief in yourself to continue going in life. I have been working with Robin S for some years now in which we are like family. I am blessed and honored to have her a part of this masterpiece we have created.

What was it like working with Robin S to bring "See It My Way" to life? How did this collaboration come to be?

Robin is a big sister to me. We have worked together for quite some time. We created this record about two years ago and wanted to release it at the right time. We both have been through many things in our lives, so music is our therapy.

How long did it take you to write this piece? Could you please share a glimpse into what the creative process entailed?

It really didn't take long because we already knew what to say. I remember us being in the studio talking about a situation that occurred with someone we knew mutually, and it made us think about how we needed to rise above all negativity. I gave her the concept for the chorus in which the vocals needed to match the energy of the production. Once I told her that she did two takes, and the rest is history.

Since you've taken on a new style, what similarities and differences have you found in your creative process?

To me, it really isn't about a new style. It's just more creativity that I want to express to my fans. They are growing with me as much as I am growing creatively, which is amazing.

What's next?

So many projects are in progress. My debut album will be released this summer, new singles, collaborations, the James Worthy documentary, television/film projects, and touring. Stay tuned!

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