James Worthy & J. Holiday Collaborate on New Luxurious New R&B Song, "Goldmine"

With the signifying handle (James Worthy) representing the strength and dedication this Queens NY-raised artist has for Alternative music and R & B, it's no surprise the budding intoner has worked on cuts with influential artists Fetty Wap, 6LACK, Robin S, Kurupt, and PM Dawn. But his most valued crowning moments are those found in the fleshy parts of his solo records where we find ourselves hyper-focused in on the emanating Alternative R&B prowess Worth exudes through his enamoring croons at the head of the wheel.

His Trajectory of skyward success, he has already authenticated through his preceding critically acclaimed releases like 2019's earthy Extended Play, "Blue Leisure," or 2018's "Move." A single that garnered over a million streams— and this year, James Worthy has recruited J. Holiday for the supporting role on his soul-lifting, anatomy unwinding cut: "Goldmine."

Though this single maintains the smooth rail ethos of Alternative R&B textures of previous recordings, James Worthy sings with an intoxicating expression and glides with easy over his lyrics about the state of gramercy he's found himself in during a relationship, more raw and fleshy then on any of Worthy's records to date. His process for vocals is often inlaid with tasteful reverberated effects and layers of definite melodic sample hums atop laid-back rhythm straight from the early 2000s.

"Goldmine"—a Rhythm and Blues ballad that incorporates slow oscillating keys, the crispy downbeat of the drums, and a sequence of lush harmonic uprises that intertwine over the topline hook— features strewed persuading vocals that revive the mirth and allure of being love-struck, or bound to another sentimentally. J. Holiday and Worthy are plain-spoken, complete and enamoring, singing solo on their respective stanzas, and only stepping back for the purposes of filling the backdrops of the next verse with more affecting vocal swells; it's like a trade-off between two trumpeting melodists experienced in the language of love and gratitude.

Here, the crooning echoes not only the directions of the lyrics in this example but also the rootlets of Jame Worthy's earthy and vibe inducing persona as an Artist. There is an abundant ticket of tantalizing invocation and soul linking each word to a melodically adept orchestration on "Goldmine." Whether it presents romantic or joyous, detailed, or biomorphic—we're never puzzled by trying to discern the expressive meaning behind each word; instead, we're spellbound by the untroubled sway in the groove.