Jamie Alimorad Releases a Moving Music Video Bringing Awareness to Suicide Prevention

Singer/Songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Jamie Alimorad is moving us with his inspiring hit “Brighter Days”. Independently releasing his first two albums which took him on a nationwide tour across the U.S. More recently winning two awards for his motivating song “Brighter Days” at the 24th annual U.S.A Songwriting Competition. Jamie Alimorad is using his platform as an artist to share messages for the greater good of society and to help one another overcome life’s trials and tribulations. His song “Brighter Days” share lyrical messages of hope, faith, and community. All portrayed in the song’s music video, bringing awareness to the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention LA/Central Coast Chapter Out of the Darkness Walk.

The music video for “Brighter Days” begins by acknowledging the foundation and bringing awareness to the importance of mental health. The song begins with an upbeat acoustic guitar, incredibly catchy drum patterns, and bright background vocal melodies. While strolling the shore of Santa Monica Pier, he brings forward relatable and touching lyrics of holding on to faith. As the video progresses, Jamie Alimorad is passionately performing at the Suicide Prevention Walk, and capturing moments of those during the event cheerfully walking by and supporting the important cause. With exceptionally motivating lyrics like “When livings hard and to think you’re better off dead, that’s tomorrow calling, there are brighter days ahead”. Jamie Alimorad’s powerful vocals serve an incredibly important message of faith, we encourage you to watch his meaningful music video and continue to spread awareness of mental health.

Listen to "Brighter Days" here.

Welcome back to BuzzMusic, Jamie Alimorad! We’re touched at your song “Brighter Days” and its moving music video. Could you share with us what made you write such a powerful song?

Great to be back! I'm glad you're enjoying it. "Brighter Days" came from a conversation I had with a dear friend. We were having dinner one night and had our usual conversation about life, ideas, philosophies. Typically she's not a very open person, but on this night she was very vulnerable, and I was shocked at what she said. I couldn't shake it, and I wrote "Brighter Days" as one friend to another saying I'm here for you. Fast-forward and a friend connect me with the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention LA/Central Coast Chapter, and I propose this idea to raise awareness for mental health and suicide prevention. "Brighter Days" is honest. It doesn't beat around the bush and confronts the struggle. The lyric is optimistic and the music is relaxing, gradually building to a celebration because that's what life is a celebration.

The music video for your song “Brighter Days” brings a huge sense of community. What was it like performing at the American Foundation for Suicide Prevention Walk?

The music video took many twists and turns, and was much more difficult to get off the ground than I anticipated. I had a plan, and a concept, but scheduling kept pushing it back. I knew from the get-go that we would film in conjunction with the AFSP, but with so many events going on, it was hard to settle on a date. I talked with some folks and asked about doing something at the Out of The Darkness Walk Santa Monica, and they loved the idea! I spent two months getting everything together, and come the day of the Walk, by 5:45 AM we were on Santa Monica Pier setting up the first shot.

It was an absolutely incredible experience! I've been blown away, and truly inspired by the people involved with the AFSP, and that day proved to be beyond anything I ever thought of. Until you experience it, it's just words. The meetings prior to the Walk were with a small group of no more than two dozen, but come Walk day, there were over 2,200 people, and everyone came together in a way I've never seen before. It was pure, warm, and absolutely beautiful. The "Brighter Days" music video is but a small taste of what that day was really like, and I encourage everyone to be involved in this year's Walk.

“Brighter Days” provides incredible imagery with your relatable lyrics. Could you share what helped your creative process when writing an effective song?

I was shopping one day, shortly after Christmas, and on a digital billboard, a message read, "This is tomorrow calling." There was no context. It faded, and I waited for it to come back to see what it was for. It never did! I wrote the phrase down in my notes, and shortly thereafter I came up with the title "Brighter Days". Sometimes I do an exercise of creating interesting song titles and seeing if I can build a story around it. This was one of those occasions. I married the two phrases very quickly, "This is tomorrow calling, there are brighter days ahead." That was it for about three weeks, and then I had the dinner with my friend, and when exploring ways to let my feelings out, I came across my note. The song basically wrote itself. The biggest change was the original lyric was in the third person. When I sent the demo to (producer) Gino Vannelli, he encouraged me to change it to a first-person perspective. It opened up a new direction to where the lyric could go.

We’re inspired by the way you use your platform as an artist to serve messages for the greater good. What made you want to create music that serves a bigger, and more important message?

I appreciate you saying that. We all have the ability to make a difference. Just saying hello to someone can change their whole day. I often think of something Paul McCartney said. When he reflects on the Beatles catalog, he's so proud of the library consistently giving a message of love, hope, and togetherness. I naturally gravitate towards songs like that, and that messaging. Music gives me a platform to say something. There's enough negativity in the world. Why not contribute a message of love, hope, and togetherness? We all have the power to do good. No good deed is too small, and in an era where self-absorption is at an all-time high, remember that going out of your way to do something for someone else, is how great change begins.