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Jamie Hansen is Patiently, "Waitin' for the Weekend"

Hailing from Wyoming, the versatile recording artist, and singer-songwriter

Jamie Hansen releases the perfect getaway tune with her latest single and accompanying music video entitled "Waitin' for the Weekend."

Known for her eclectic and genre-defying approach, Jamie Hansen merges sounds like country, pop, rock, and blues that are bound to make any listener tap their feet to her lively and intoxicating tunes. Not to mention her lyrical prowess, Jamie Hansen strives to let listeners feel their deepest emotions when encountering her versatile music.

Produced by super-producer/engineer Chuck Alkazian, Jamie Hansen's latest single, "Waitin' for the Weekend," takes listeners through those invigorating moments of waiting for an upcoming getaway with close friends. Also releasing a playful and picturesque music video for the track, Jamie Hansen and her pals can be seen basking in the sun and enjoying their time on a much-needed vacation.

Jumping into the single itself, "Waitin' for the Weekend" begins with a bright and beaming country-inspired instrumental that paves the way for Jamie Hansen's warm and exciting vocal portrayal. As she begins describing her excitement for getting away and finally enjoying some time to herself and her closest friends, Hansen ultimately leaves us craving a similar scene in our own lives.

We love the refreshing and carefree feel of this track, as it perfectly amplifies what summer is all about; losing yourself in the heat and relaxation that the season has to offer. As Jamie Hansen leads us to the song's end, she leaves us in awe of her descriptive lyricism and accompanying instrumentals that shine like the sun above.

Hit the road with help from Jamie Hansen's latest single, "Waitin' for the Weekend," now available on all digital streaming platforms.

We deeply appreciate such an optimistic and exciting track like "Waitin' for the Weekend." What inspired you to write a song based on getting away for the weekend and leaving your worries behind?

First, I’d like to thank everyone at Buzz Music for this opportunity. I truly appreciate your hard work. “Waitin’ for the Weekend” was inspired by my anticipation for a weekend camping trip with friends, but it’s a lot more than that. I have always felt that most people work a 9-5 (or longer) they aren’t passionate about enjoying the occasional weekend outing. They are ‘living for the weekend’ so to speak. I wanted to write a song that inspired people to be a bit more spontaneous.

How did producer/engineer Chuck Alkazian help sharpen and refine "Waitin' for the Weekend" to sound how you wanted it to? How did he help finalize the song and bring it to life?

Chuck has an uncanny intuition for how a song should sound. This particular song was four years in the making before I took it to Chuck, simply hoping he had the same vision I did. Chuck and I were careful not to Pidgeon-hole the song into one genre, combining both pop and country elements, which I think is important. Specifically, I think the drums brought this song to life, which was all Chuck’s doing. Zach Radcliff was also on the song, and he did such amazing work. I was completely out of my league working with Chuck and Zach – they are a dream team.

When writing your lyrics for "Waitin' for the Weekend," what sort of feelings or emotions did you want to spark in the listener? How did you want your words to make them feel?

I wanted the listener to forget about their worldly woes and just have fun. We get so caught up in things that don’t matter in the long run – but you’ll always remember the time you took to truly be present with your friends and family and enjoy the perks of being alive! I wanted listeners to feel amped to go do something – whatever that something may be.

Do you normally release such refreshing and exciting tunes like "Waitin' for the Weekend"? Or would you say that songs like this are more of a seasonal approach for you?

I’ll be honest – “Waitin’ for the Weekend” was a little out of my wheelhouse when I wrote it in 2017. I was so caught up in the drama of being young; I was used to writing breakup songs. I write a little bit of everything these days because I am inspired by all of life’s experiences. I enjoy a happy upbeat song a lot more than I used to.


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