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Jananie Pushes Through Love's Battles In, "You Decide"

Canadian singer-songwriter and r&b/neo-soul recording artist Jananie lays it all on the line with her latest emotional and genuine single, "You Decide."

Besides her successful music career, Jananie also prides herself in creating authentic cover art thanks to her experienced past as a visual artist. Her blissful tunes span genres like r&b, jazz, blues, folk, Caribbean, and neo-soul, which anyone will enjoy, especially when dissecting the Srilankan Tamil artist's heartfelt lyrical content.

For Jananie, painting and music remain a gift and true form of therapy, which she utilizes in her latest single, "You Decide." The song's conceptual artwork offers a contemplative sketched Jananie with gears atop her mind, perhaps symbolizing the many lingering thoughts she has about a lover who doesn't treat her with the love and respect she deserves.

Expanding on the single, "You Decide," the song opens with lush electric guitar strums and Jananie's soft vocals that set the harmonious and delicate tone. As the chilling and celestial r&b synths and effects begin raining down from above, a mid-tempo and crisp drum arrangement begins tapping through our speakers to liven the dense r&b groove. Listening to Jananie's skilled and angelic vocals, she emotionally expands on someone declining the genuine love she has to offer.

We truly appreciate the relatable lyrical content within this piece, and Jananie's performance amplifies those emotions tenfold with her breathtakingly fluid vocals that dance through our speakers with clarity and composure. As she continues serenading us with her bright falsetto and tender chest voice, Jananie takes us to the outro with a bounty of reflection and emotion.

Allow Jananie to help you realize your worth with her latest single, "You Decide," now available on all streaming platforms.

Welcome to BuzzMusic, Jananie. We're genuinely enthralled by your delicate vocals and honest lyrics in your new single, "You Decide." What experiences and moments compelled you to write this brutally honest piece?

I took all the concepts of a "shame tape," the rolling and ruminating internal dialogue of anxiety and shame which happens to a person who experiences the residual effects and repeated patterns of internal dysfunction due to important core relationships that have been broken. This song essentially describes the inner dysphoria and fight with one's most inner insecurities when losing a relationship with someone and realizing that they crave and long for reconciliation. However, this longing always leads to disappointment because once you try to meet that person halfway, they never show up.

The trauma one incurs from these experiences has the tendency to create a looping and repetitive pattern in people's lives that have them existing in a mental Hell of insecurities and shame. Waiting for someone who will never show up is probably one of the most painful aspects of abandonment. I've had my own experiences with this in broken relationships and have often observed this phenomenon play out in the lives of others. Relationship traumas are common for many, and I felt inspired to write about them.

Were you able to find a sense of clarity and release when writing your honest lyrics for "You Decide"? Was this a therapeutic experience?

I think the song represents a place I've been in before, however not in anymore. I'd say it was therapeutic. Any kind of self-reflection usually is.

Did you work alongside any producers when creating the surreal and transcendent production for "You Decide"? Why did you want the song to offer this dreamy and chilling edge?

Josh Sahunta produced this song for me. He is a very multi-talented singer/songwriter and artist himself. The sound is meant to immerse the listener in a merry-go-round of looping dysphoria.

Speaking on your artwork for "You Decide," is the image meant to represent your racing thoughts about a troubled relationship?

The artwork is a self-portrait. The gears around my head coming apart represent the general fragility of the mind and its undoing when succumbing to the residual effects of scars incurred from unreconciled loss of any vital relationship.

What's next for you?

"You Decide" is one song out of a series, which will hopefully be a part of an EP. The cover art is also a growing piece where song releases that follow will have a continuation of the artistic imagery, which will reveal more of an overall narrative with each track. It's taken a long time for me to come out with my music, so I plan to make more and get out and do live performances as well!

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