Jane Handcock Unleashes Honesty and Intimacy in Latest Music Video for "Hella Feelings"

Oakland-born Singer and Songwriter Jane Handcock is all about transparency and connecting with her listeners as a result.

Putting her multi-faceted talent into the essence of her productions and verses, Jane Handcock puts a ton of thoughtfulness into the product of her music. One of Jane Handcock's most recent releases, "Hella Feelings", accurately displays the number of expressive stylings sourced into a track, and its music video even further hones into the vast collection of emotions surrounding the topic of, well, the emotion itself. 

When Jane Handcock released her stimulating and intimate music video for "Hella Feelings", we were pretty sure we caught feelings ourselves. Jane Handcock gets real with herself in this track, and she keeps the visuals simplistic in order to put the major focus on the presented lyricism.

When we say Jane Handcock keeps it real, we seriously mean that in a genuine way. Watching the music video, listeners will be able to pick up on the authentic energy she naturally projects, and further, hone into her intentions in a straightforward manner.

All in all, "Hella Feelings" showcased pure expressions from Jane Handcock, and the music video itself generated a ton of interest within her persona as a music artist. 

What inspired you to create such a low-key and intimate music video for "Hella Feelings"?

“Hella Feelings” is such an honest & transparent record for me. I wanted to create a visual that was a bit sarcastic but also displayed how I [& many others] go through life, wearing this mask as if we have no feelings at all. I have to give credit to Brookfield Duece & Chatman for steering the vision & bringing the vision to life. 

Did "Hella Feelings" represent your own tribulations and thought patterns, or were such entities extracted from an exogenous source?

It definitely came from my own thoughts. Sometimes I go through these phases of having nothing sing or write about. The night I created “Hella Feelings”, I literally poured out everything that was kinda bottled inside of me after days of not having anything to say. 

Looking back, were there any components of the music that felt like an obstacle? How do you mediate through the difficulties surrounding the productional side of the music video?

I try to create the most comfortable circumstances in whatever I’m doing. With music, I try my best to remember the upside root of it all, & that is, it’s simply fun. I’m glad I have a team around me that has that same thought process. We don’t put any outside pressure on ourselves. We live in the moment of creating. 

Where do you see yourself and your sound extending from here on out?

I’m someone who will always push myself to higher heights with music. I see my skill getting better and better. I see my mindset & understanding for this industry getting sharper as well. I don’t know where I’ll end up but I’m confident in knowing that I’ll make a stamp in it for sure. 

What has been keeping you inspired in 2020?

The environment I’ve been blessed with is my biggest inspiration. Everyone around is focused, talented, and very disciplined, and that inspires to keep my head in the game this year