JANE N’ THE JUNGLE Gives Intensifying Vibes With New EP “Island//Beach”

JANE N’ THE JUNGLE is an alternative rock band that we have to introduce to BuzzMusic readers. This band produces a sound that is hard to come by nowadays. They execute their tracks perfectly. Recently, the band has come out with their EP "Island//Beach", and we already know you guys will be just as captivated as we are with the vocalist and hard-hitting guitar riffs. The band expresses each element with such passion and force, and their expertise becomes so evident once giving them a listen. We can already imagine how their performances will be—electric, intense and full of energy—we’re dying to see this band live that’s for sure. With their new EP “Island//Beach” out, we know the level of talent we can expect from this alternative modern/rock band and we’re thankful we get to experience this graceful sound once again! 

IsIand//Beach is JANE N’ THE JUNGLE’s new EP, and we’re incredibly intrigued by the haunting and eerie tone they create. This alternative rock band creates a sound we haven’t quite heard being produced lately, and we’re really resonating with the music they all create. It makes us feel exposed, raw and filled with emotion. The sound that’s created in “Island” makes you feel reminiscent and incredibly emotional. You can feel the pain and sorrow the vocalist curates, and the power behind the band complements the song in a way that is captivating. What we thought was most incredible about “Island” was how the vocals felt like they pierced through your heart, and you shattered along with the vocalist and the story she’s telling within her sorrow. “Island” is really going to make you BuzzMusic listeners feel something, for sure. 

Give “Island” a listen to here, and continue reading for the bands exclusive interview. 

Hey everyone! Tell our readers what its like to be curating music with each other in a band!

It's a really fun experience being able to bond and create something special together.  "Island" and "Beach on Fire" are 2 singles off our upcoming full length record "Concrete Jungle" set to release late summer 2019.  The record was recorded in phases, starting in Santa Monica at 4th Street Recording with Bruce Monical, then after a few months we continued writing and traveled to Chicago at Gravity Studios working with Doug and Dan to record a few more songs and finished the record with Cory Spotts in Phoenix, AZ.  From the creation of this record we wanted to capture the essence and excitement we had together in the studio and our time writing it.  It created a very special moment in our lives we will always remember.  

Did each of your initial visions for this song get executed the way you wanted in the end?

Our writing style is always very organic and we knew we liked these songs from the start.  In the studio there were some fun magic moments added to the songs like an acoustic guitar track, percussion and harmonies.   We are open minded artists that like to let the creativity of the moment and story lead to it's finish.

What was the most challenging part with curating your EP “Island//Beach”?

Trying to not getting electrocuted from Jim Louvau while taking the promo photo in the lake. 

Your sound is incredibly captivating. What is the overall sound you want to express to your listeners?

Thank you!  We wanted to musically capture a real emotional experience that could relate and resonate to our listeners. 

Can we expect to see more releases from JANE N’ THE JUNGLE for the rest of 2019?!

Yes!!  We will be releasing our full length record "Concrete Jungle."  

Hoping to release some more music videos before the end of the year as well.  

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