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Jane N’ The Jungle Returns With an Explosive Single, "Trouble"

Never failing to shake our speakers, the Pheonix-based rock band Jane N' The Jungle is back and better than ever with a scorching hot release entitled "Trouble."

The likes of Jordan White, Brian Dellis, and Big B have always managed to wow us with their hard-hitting tunes and conceptual lyricism. Creating their distinct sound through blending rock with 90s alternative, Jane N' The Jungle is more than ready to release their latest projects.

Produced by Chuck Alkazian at legendary Pearl Sound Studios, Jane N' The Jungle's latest single, "Trouble," takes on an expressive and sultry concept while blasting through with heated instrumentals, a staple for the trio. While pushing lust and energy from all aspects, Jane N' The Jungle drives through the track with power, making for an exhilarating experience.

Opening "Trouble" is Jane N' The Jungle's explosive instrumentals that drench us in heat. From Brian Dellis' blistering guitar work to Big B's haunting bass licks, the instrumentals fire through our speakers without a dull moment. We're always impressed and enthralled by the expressive and powerhouse stylings of lead vocalist Jordan White, as she exclaims her desire to have her world rocked.

Piercing the song with gut-wrenching instrumentals and volcanic rhythm, Jane N' The Jungle offers an immensely memorable performance through each fiery element. Brian Dellis' guitar continues to whale alongside Jordan White's soulful and enigmatic vocal stylings, which are all the more complemented by Big B's massive bassline, ending the song with excitement.

Catch Jane N' The Jungle's latest single, "Trouble," on all streaming platforms, and prepare your eyes for the band's accompanying music video.

Your group always manages to leave us in awe of your thrilling sound and tight delivery, and "Trouble" is no exception. What inspired your group to create this lustful and fierce track?

Thank you!! We wrote "Trouble" one night at band practice while drinking old fashions from a can. The guys told me I should try to sing like Dave Grohl and it turned into writing "Trouble."

How did your group find the instrumental groove and tone for your single "Trouble?" What was this creative process like?

The guys wanted to write something that was different than we've done before. It was slower when we first wrote it and while we were in the studio we made it faster and added more musical elements.

What sort of themes do you present within your music video for "Trouble?" How does the music video tie in with the song itself?

The biggest theme for the music video is "Trouble" and trouble finding you. There are different scenes where this ties into the music video. Running, being chased, being caught, being in trouble, being trapped, etc.

We've heard that "Trouble" launches a new era for your band. What should we anticipate throughout this new and improved era?

Rock 'N' Roll - We look forward to continuing to make music!

What's next for Jane N The Jungle?

We are excited to release a few singles this year and hope we can play live shows soon!


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