Jane N’ the Jungle’s Latest Single “Animal” Will Have You Question Your Fight or Flight Response

Alternative Rock band Jane N’ The Jungle just released their groundbreaking powerhouse single titled “Animal”. Jane N’ The Jungle formed in 2013, consisting of childhood friends Jordan White (vocals) and Brian Dellis (guitar), while adding the bass stylings of Bryan Dague a.k.a. Big B in 2018.

Their primal and gritty single “Animal” captures humans' fight or flight response, exhibiting the inner animal inside homo sapiens and our destruction to mother earth. The track draws inspiration from the Australian wildfires and the animals who were caught in the midst of the chaos. With complex instrumental shifts throughout “Animal”, Jane N’ The Jungle has clearly grasped the dynamic and unpredictable walk of life.

“Animal” opens with mid-tempo keyboard chords, starting off the song with nothing but the rhythmic keyboard and Jordan White’s soaring and intoxicating vocals. Progressing into the chorus, we’re blown away at Jordan White’s broad vocal range and ability to belt her lyrics with the poise of iconic female rock frontwomen. Not to mention the gritty drum patterns and Brian Dellis’ skilled electric guitar shredding giving us a taste of the primal animals within us all. From the heavy electric guitar to Big B’s finely-calibrated bass lines, “Animal” serves a message bigger and louder than the song itself. Jane N’ The Jungle is definitely a band we’re keeping an eye on.

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