Jane N’ The Jungle’s New Album “Concrete Jungle” Brings Authentic Rock Back To The Music Scene

Jane N’ The Jungle is an alternative rock band from Phoenix, Arizona. Formed in 2013, the band is currently gigging out of Los Angeles, California. Jane N’ The Jungle blends 90’s alt-rock and modern rock, creating their unique sound. Out now is Jane N’ The Jungle’s full length record “Concrete Jungle. Recorded in part at Gravity Studios in Chicago, IL and 4th Street Recording in Santa Monica, CA. The record was sponsored and funded in part by Ford Motor Co. The band is best known for their rockin’ live performances, prime-time regional Honda commercials, and their unique, alternative fashion.

The title track on the album and a BuzzMusic favorite, “Concrete Jungle” offers JNTJ’s authentic contemporary rock sound, with a hint of 90’s grit. With a sultry intro, the vocals quickly explode into view and immediately give you chills. “Concrete Jungle” intensifies immensely as it meanders through smokey lyricism that allows emotions to run free, creating a feeling that resonates with every listener. The melancholic delivery of every word throws the sound back to the 90’s rockers of yesteryear. Jane N’ The Jungle captivates their listeners with their individuality and emotive lyricism. “Concrete Jungle” fuses hypnotizing vocals with expert instrumentation and chemistry from JNTJ that is unmatched in modern music today.

Check out “Concrete Jungle” here and read more with Jane N’ The Jungle below!

Hey JNTJ welcome back! Tell us about your new album “Concrete Jungle”! What’s the overall concept? 

Hi BuzzMusic! Thank you for having us back! We are so excited to share with you our debut full length LP "Concrete Jungle."

The overall concept is about our music journey so far and the struggles of trying to survive and cut through the noise in the polluted music industry.

What does the release of this project represent for you? 

The release of our record "Concrete Jungle" represents our growth as a band and showcases our artistry.

We've spent our whole music career building up to this moment, and put our blood, sweat, and tears into sharing it with the world.

The vocals on your title track “Concrete Jungle” are amazing! Have you had professional training or managed to hone your vocal ability over time? 

Thank you! I've taken vocal training since I was 12 and throughout high school till I was 18. I was in choir and drama club which helped me grow my voice and stage presence. I graduated with a BFA in Musical Theater from the American Musical and Dramatic Academy in Los Angeles and New York. I honed in what I learned by letting go of my training and learning to accept my voice and the imperfections which has lead my voice to be unique.

What do the lyrics in this song mean to you? Do you ever worry about being too vulnerable through your songwriting? 

As an artist you have to be vulnerable even though it's uncomfortable, that's what makes good art. The lyrics in this song are applicable to many circumstances, which is a common theme on our record. "Concrete Jungle" represents the feeling of being stuck in a concrete world and situation, feeling helpless without any explanation and knowing at the time that's where you belong and having to settle within the present chaos.

What’s next for Jane N’ The Jungle? Do you have any upcoming shows or events you’d like to talk about?

We will be rock'n in LA next at Hotel Cafe Sept 24th with limited guest tickets, please contact us for details!

We will be announcing more shows soon. Tucson, Phoenix, Las Vegas, Los Angles we'll be coming for you soon!


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