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Jane N’ The Jungle Talk About Their New Music Video and Debut Album

Jane N’ The Jungle is an alternative rock band from Phoenix, Arizona. Formed in 2013, the band is currently playing various shows throughout Los Angeles, California. Jane N’ The Jungle blends 90’s alt-rock and modern rock and fuses it with gritty, powerful lead vocals, creating their unique sound. Jane N’ The Jungle has had an impressive year, to say the least. To kick-start the summer and gain traction for their debut full-length album, Jane N’ The Jungle released two singles titles “Beach on Fire” and Island”, both organically driven and hard-hitting, a great introduction to Jane N’ The Jungle’s sound for a first-time listener. Afterward in September, Jane N’ The Jungle released “Concrete Jungle”, recorded in part at Gravity Studios in Chicago, IL and 4th Street Recording in Santa Monica, CA, it’s an 11-track record full of emotional depth, passion, and angst. The album garnered Jane N’ The Jungle an admirable amount of success, the group currently has over 23k monthly listeners on Spotify and the brand new music video for “Tonight” has amassed almost 20k views on Youtube alone in a few short days. With an impressive fanbase, a solid catalog of spectacular music, and all the ambition a band needs, 2019 is Jane N’ The Jungle’s year! Check out Jane N’ The Jungle’s new music here and keep scrolling for more in our interview! 

Welcome back Jane N’ The Jungle! It’s always a pleasure to chat with you. The album “Concrete Jungle” is admirably versatile but holds an impactful message through the lyrics. How long has this project been in the making? What does it mean to you to have it released to the public? 

Thank you for having us back!! We spent almost 2-year making "Concrete Jungle." It was important to us to take our time and create a memorable experience while making the record. We started the initial tracking in Santa Monica, CA at "4th Street Recording" in January 2017, with the goal of recording a few singles. We had the time of our lives recording in the studio! After we traveled home to Phoenix we realized we had more to say and wanted to embark on a full-length record. A few months later we recorded a few more songs off the record in Chicago, IL at Gravity Studios. We finished the record in Phoenix, AZ at Cory Spotts studio. "Concrete Jungle" is a concept record with ebbs and flows highlighting the decline and regrowth as a band and personally through my own experiences. We are so excited to finally share the record and are overjoyed from all the positive responses. The release has created a new chapter for the band and our music and can't wait for what's next!

The music video for “Tonight” is incredible! It gives the essence of a live performance with more depth. What was the overall concept for this video? 

Thank you! We wanted to create a video that showcased our energy and vibe that we have while performing, giving the audience an experience of a "Jane N' The Jungle" show. We felt the black and white treatment helped heighten the emotion.

We were absolutely captivated by your vocals on this project as usual! Can you dive into the meaning of the lyrics within “Tonight”?

"Tonight" is about trying desperately to fit into a mold of what "you think you need to be" in relationships and life. I find fascination in desperation and I really wanted to go to that space as an artist which I think I only touched the surface on. I think it stems from my type A personality and how I try so hard to be perfect and to make things work out even if it's wrong for me. The song is about being trapped in "the want" and desperation which clouds irrationality.

Did your initial vision for the album “Concrete Jungle” end up executing as you thought it would?

I never had a vision of what I thought it would be. The conception was an organically creative project that continued to flow to the end. The process kept things exciting and fun without ever having any expectations, there for the record indeed exceeded all my expectations. I am very happy and thankful for how it turned out.

Since you’ve been making music for several years, how would you compare some of the earlier material you’ve written to your newest release?

We set a new bar for ourselves with this record, and hard to compare it to the past material. "Concrete Jungle" is our first full-length record and is just the beginning into to our recording careers.

Thank you so much for talking to us once again! What can fans expect from a live show from Jane N’ The Jungle?

Thank for all the love and support you have for our music!!  The "Tonight" music video will give a good insight of what the energy and vibe is like at one of our shows!  Our shows are passionate, emotional and raw.  We really take pride into our live performances and appreciate everyone who believes in rock music and keeping live music alive, thank you!


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